Just Checking…

…to make sure you’re paying attention:

While she’s not the hottest fireman I’ve ever seen, she looks pretty good! That’s my friend Lisa at an event at the library where I used to work (and still wish I worked).

I know she reads my blog. I’m checking to see how often, as in, how long will it take her to notice there is a picture of her on my blog?

I’m guessing by 2pm tomorrow. We shall see.


UPDATE***She already saw and commented! Less than an hour after I posted it. Apparently, I’m one of her regular internet stops. I’m so proud. Also of the fact that she saw it and laughed out loud in the quiet library. I have that effect on people.


6 thoughts on “Just Checking…

  1. Nope! Got it today! Just so you know, I was at the Info Desk when I opened your blog and burst out laughing. Not too many dirty looks which is surprising. Thanks for the laugh.

    Wait–how did you get my pic, anyway? Don’t tell me you’re on Facebook now.

    • Ha! I love it, that was about an hour after I posted it. Good for you.

      And, no, I subscribe to APs Flickr page. So I see the haps going on. That’s how I got it.

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