Victoria’s Birthdate

This one goes back to the first weekend in May, the weekend after my date with Clay. I got to take V out for her birthday and she is the first GIRL I’ve gotten to do this with.

I’ll start by saying, it was AWESOME.

I had such a great time with her.

I had this day planned out start to finish, with plenty of room for options for a little girl who has strong opinions. What I think I liked best is how much fun she is one-on-one. When she’s with her family, she is always competing for my attention and it gets exhausting, but when she was my sole focus, we had a blast.

I also kept this a surprise. Mostly because the lovely Humphreys are overboard kind of people. I think that’s great, but I was nervous doing this with her and I was afraid if they talked it up too much beforehand, she might have expectations I couldn’t meet. And isnt’ that a weird thing to worry about with a 5-year-old? But, there you have it. Plus, surprises are always more fun.

Kelly is the best sport I know, so she was fine having no idea where I was taking her daughter. Mark–notsomuch. Before I took her, he made me tell him where we were going. I’m not sure why. What difference did it make? I wasn’t kidnapping her and I wasn’t taking her to a cathouse, so who cares? But, he’s her dad.

We went to make jewelry!

Isn’t that a great idea for a little girl? She made herself a necklace and bracelet.

Could she be more excited by that?

I made a necklace, that I absolutely love and wear all the time!

After that, she wanted to go to the Cup-N-Cone, which her dad advised me to take her to, she apparently loves it. But, this was not about “I always go there”, this was about special.

We drove to downtown Stillwater. She chattered at me the whole way. I am not even sure what she talked about, she would just tell me these long, involved, drawn-out stories that crack me up. She reminds me so much of her mom.

She was telling me something and I was watching her in the rear view, she looked adorable, so earnestly telling her story, when I was driving. I wanted a picture, but as soon as I raised my phone, she clammed up. I said, give me a cute driving picture!

and I got that. Which will go down in history as a V fave. Also note the dog purse on her lap. That was a present from me. I don’t do presents for dates, but that puppy was on clearance for less than $5! And I could not resist. I knew she would love it and I don’t know anyone else I can buy things like that for. So…I spoiled her, sue me.

Here’s what I like about kids. They love simple things. Nothing fancy, just regular stuff. Like:

Jumping two feet off a ledge.

Looking inside a hole that is exactly as tall as you. (Olivia, it’s full of garbage in here!)


Standing on the steps of a trolley we’re not going to ride. (I got yelled at for letting her play on there…I’m a rabble rouser, what can I say?)

Walking on a curb.

Walking backward around a tree.

Running as fast as you can in a circle around that same tree.

We had lunch at Leo’s, which is becoming my go-to place to eat in Stillwater. While we were waiting for our food, I told her she could have whatever she wanted and she ordered a juice box. Then she said she’d only drink half of it and she had to wait until her food came to drink the rest. That absolutely sounded like her mother talking. I told her she could drink it all now and I’d just get her another one because it is her special day.

Think that made her happy?

Here’s what I like about girls:

Willing to preen for a camera

And like to smile pretty

Are more cuddly

Greater interest in the details

Are all about color coordination

When we were at lunch, we somehow got to talking about being silly. I don’t remember how it came about, but I said to her that I think Laffy-Taffy is silly. I said we could go to the candy store and she could show me how silly Laffy-Taffy really is.

Ha! Very silly.

Then, she asked if we could go to Teddy Bear Park. I agreed, because it was her day (even though I’m not a fan).

But I did discover how interesting it is to be at a park with a child old enough to do things on their own.

She was concentrating and looked so cute.

Her big thing was wanting to climb to the top of the rocks by herself. It’s high. Very high. Like if I extend my arms over my head, her feet would still be higher than me kind of high.

But she did it.

She looks a bit nervous…I helped her down seconds later.

Playing on a lower ledge…we’re climbing together.

Just a perfect collision of light and camera speed as she climbed around. Beautiful.

The next thing she wanted to master was the monkey bars. She was so close to getting it. We worked and worked and worked on it for over an hour!

The trying was intimidating

But she has the strength and she’s big enough. She needed the motion and the courage.


But, before we wrapped up, she managed four “bars”. Her mom informs me that she managed to do the whole thing before the end of summer–so way to go V!

After this, we wandered back to the car and drove home. It was maybe 6 when I got her home. We’d be gone for like 7.5 hours at this point. Her dad was concerned, I guess he didn’t know how absurdly special we make birthdates. V wanted to keep going for a few more hours. Until bedtime. Next year, maybe!

It was such a wonderful day, I can’t wait until next spring when we get to do it again!

(P.S. If you want to read Kelly/V’s POV of this day, click HERE)



2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Birthdate

  1. It is a day she still speaks of. I’ve been waiting patiently for this post for a while now. Soooo nice of you to do the Birthday Dates. Soooo nice!!

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