Road Trip Weekend

Round trip gas cost = $240

Two nights hotel = $140

Beer = $75

Food = $60

Concert tickets = $43

Chance to see back-to-back Christian Kane shows?   Priceless.

Christian Kane, he’s everywhere you want to be. (Well, everywhere I want to be, at least!)

If you don’t know what I am talking about, I’m road tripping to Chicago to see CK on Friday night, then following the band to central Illinois to see them play again on Saturday night. My friends, Mindy and Tom, happen to also be going to a show in Chicago on Friday night (Avett Brothers) so we’re all driving together.

I’m very excited for my mini-vacation–can’t wait for back-to-back Kane shows! I’m also tremendously excited to travel with M&T, we’ve never done that before. Well, Tom and I haven’t. Mindy and I road tripped to Denver for my…22nd? 23rd? birthday and to visit Justin. Obviously, it’s been a while. It will be fun to hang with them and to see some awesome shows. I’ll be back next week with some more updates.

See you in October.


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