Wild Times

I got a fun text message yesterday. My friend KB apparently WON tickets to see the MN Wild. That’s hockey, for those of you who don’t know.

She was kind enough to invite me to go to the game with her. Since I am free and such a huge hockey fan, I said yes.

In all honesty, I’ve never been to a hockey game in my life. I know diddly squat about the sport. I know they use pucks, that they skate and that there is a penalty box.

What I don’t know is this:

Is it cold inside the arena?

Do I have to dress warmly?

How did KB win tickets?

Are fights common enough that I will actually see one?

Do they have people come into the stands to sell beer and hot dogs at a hockey game, like at a baseball game?

Will I understand what is happening?

I looked up who they are playing…the Oilers. Then I had to look up the Oilers to find out where they are from. Not Houston, as I thought (turns out, that used to be a football team. I’m calling that close enough). They’re from Edmonton. That’s in Canada. And I knew that without looking it up.

I really love all the new experiences I’ve had since turning 30. I’m a little worried to realize that all I did was drink my way through my 20s, which accounts for the complete lack of life experience. That may come back to haunt me.

In the meantime, I will go watch large men swat at a tiny puck on ice skates. Sounds like fun.


5 thoughts on “Wild Times

  1. Why didn’t you just ask me?! Yes, they will bring you beer, hotdogs, cotton candy, whatever at your seat. It is chilly, but not cold. YES you WILL see a fight. They’re awesome. Took a new Minnesotan (11 yrs old) with Abby to a game and she loved it so much she’s now signed up for skating lessons. She was disappointed that you’re not allowed to fight at her level, though.

    Have a great time!

    • Because it just came up and I wasn’t thinking about your affinity for hockey. I did have to ask a friend if I needed a jacket. Seems like it should be cold in there….

      I’m actually a little excited. I’ll be sure to detail all about it soon!

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