On The Fence

Here’s the thing. I love You Tube.

I love that it contains a video link to nearly every song ever made, so if I don’t know a song, I can look it up and hear it immediately.

I love that it is a repository for amateur celeb-stalking videos (you know, the ones with the millions of photos of a celeb, set to music?)

I love that it is a place where people post concert footage. There are certain concerts I’d love to see, but for mostly monetary reason, it ain’t happening. You Tube solves that.

I love that I can find clips of things to prove a point or to show someone the ahead-of-its-time hipness that was Punky Brewster.

I love that there is so much awesomeness abounding on You Tube, it is hard NOT to find something to love.

Here’s the thing. I hate You Tube.

I hate that amateurs butcher songs I love and put them on You Tube.

I hate that for every gem, you must wade through a slew of garbage.

I hate that there are such things as “You Tube sensations” in this world.

I hate that everyone thinks their kid is going to BE a You Tube sensation.

I hate that people send You Tube videos to other people, thinking they are funny.

I hate that I never think You Tube videos are funny.

Make up your mind, right?

It’s crazy, I know. I have this very strong love/hate relationship with You Tube. I like what I like, and I really have no interest in the rest.

Why the sudden rant about You Tube?


She recently sent me two links to You Tube videos. My initial reaction was, “Ugh, seriously?” Mostly because the videos in question were both marked, “hilarious”. I rarely, if ever, find things hilarious, if other people do so. I think things are hilarious quite frequently, but no one else ever does. So, I was immediately resistant.

Which is unfair, for a number of reasons:

1. Elena has not, to my recollection, ever before sent me any You Tube videos, so I ought to be more generous.

2. Elena has not EVER sent me crap.

3. Elena and I share a similar sense of humor that most of the world does not understand.

4. I love Elena and she always sends me interesting things.

5. I made these judgments before watching the videos.

So, I told myself to quit being a baby and just watch them. I did. Results?

I hated them both. The first one I just didn’t think was funny. The second? Well, it’s pretty simple. You don’t mess with Top Gun.

So, then I feel bad that I didn’t like her videos. And then I thought, what if I write this blog and she thinks she can’t send me stuff anymore? But then I realized who I am talking about. Elena is not thin-skinned (she would disagree with that statement) and she knows me. She’ll understand that she should and WILL keep sending me things (though not necessarily You Tube videos) especially if they tickle her fancy. Most of them will tickle mine as well.

For some reason, some incomprehensible reason, it just doesn’t work for me with You Tube. Sigh. I’m a complex woman.


2 thoughts on “On The Fence

  1. no more videos. I swear. I find it incredibly amusing that you were so annoyed with those that you devoted a whole blog to them/it. sorry, Liv. Never again!

    • I wasn’t annoyed. Not at all. I love when you send me stuff. I just had this feeling I wouldn’t like them–because i never do. And then I didn’t. And then I felt bad. So I blogged. But, really, it was all just a complex plot to finally get you to comment on my blog! (insert evil plan laugh here) and it worked!

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