I am not a napper. I cannot testify as to whether this was true when I was a child, but it is definitely true in the intervening years. I’ve never understood when people nap. Not children, adults.

I always feel worse when I nap. I wake up feeling groggy and like I disrupted my own sleep. I am inevitably more tired after a nap than if I had just powered through. It has always struck me as the kind of thing one does if you don’t plan your time right and you just can’t make it to bed on time. Weird, right? I know. But, I’m not a napper.

As I age, I’ve come to understand the wisdom of listening to my body. Mostly. My body knows when I am tired and need to catch up. There have been many a night when I will come home from work at 6pm and am sleeping form 7pm onward, straight through the night. It happens. I don’t need to be sick, just tired.

But, I don’t nap.

I, like most of us, I assume, am always exhausted by the time Friday rolls around. I eagerly await the weekend, not for the drinking and merry-making (who has the energy? or the money?) but for the chance to catch up on my sleep. *CAUTION: Lameness ahead* It is not at all unusual for me to go to bed by 9pm on a Friday night, just because I’m tired.

I refuse to set an alarm for Saturday or Sunday, because it is a treat to wake up naturally. However, what do I do when the weekend is packed full of things to do and I don’t get to catch up?

Evidently, I nap.

This weekend, I was gone all day on Friday. I did general puttering around my house on Saturday. But, I had to get up early, to an alarm, because I was dog sitting for Tom and Mindy. Blackberry has a schedule, and so did I. I don’t mind getting up and being productive (plus, they rarely ask me for favors, so I am happy to help…always) but once I am up, I am up. As I’m not a napper, I’m awake until bedtime.

So, Saturday filled up quickly and then I had some fun weekend adventures, which I will detail later, that resulted in me being awake until 3:00 am. Then, up and at-em Sunday morning to take Blackberry on her walk. When I got home, it was just before 9:00am. I looked longingly at my bed and wished I was the type of person who could go back to sleep. Instead, I read a book. A whole book. That took me to lunch. I did the dishes and made a casserole.

Then, it was just before 2:00pm. I had eaten lunch and started a new book. Zonk.

I fell asleep. Literally conked out in the middle of the sentence. I woke up a couple hours later because the corner of the book was poking me (in my breast, not that you needed to know that much, but I like details) and I shoved it on the floor, (ssh, don’t tell the other librarians!) and went back to sleep. When my body naturally woke up from my nap, it was just after 8:00pm and I had “napped” for six hours.

Six hours.

What the….?

Clearly, I think it is safe to say that I was tired. I also managed to sleep through six text messages. I responded to those that needed a response and got up out of bed. I felt fantastic. Freaking fantastic. I ate some dinner, brushed my  teeth, read for about an hour and was sound asleep in my bed by 11:00 pm.

Remember how I said I never feel better after a nap? Then, above, I said I felt fantastic after my nap yesterday? While those may sound contradictory, enter…today.

I feel like crap. Sluggish and tired and like I am phoning it in. I can’t possibly be tired, I slept like a maniac yesterday and went to bed in time to get eight more hours of sleep. But, today, I just can’t pull it together. I want to lay my head on my desk and take a nap. I wish I had powered through yesterday and just gone to bed at 6:00pm instead of taking a nap. It would have amounted to the same sleep at different times…and that, I’ve learned is the key. It has far, far, less to do with how much you sleep as when you sleep.

This whole long story is to simply say. I don’t like naps. I am not a napper. I will never be a napper.

I think I might go to bed early tonight.


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