Simon in Stillwater

This summer, on a couple different occasions, my mom and I took Simon to downtown Stillwater. One was just a random night, we were walking around, dinner at Leo’s, and photos by the river. Simon was entranced by the liftbridge, he got to see it go up and down several times. On a whim, the Humphreys hopped in the car and drove down to visit with us at like 7:30 pm. The kids got to play and we just hung out.

Kelly took this for us…as they showed up seconds before my mom could take it and my bribery had worn off in the face of new friends to play with. I’m surprised this is as good as it is.

Also one with him and grandma.

Before our friends arrived, we were out inspecting the bridge.

We got to see a paddleboat travel under the open bridge.

We were amazed at how high the river still was (the sign? it should be 9’6″ to the ground….)

Our friends arrived in time to see the bridge go up again and more boats pass through.

And, through all the photos I took of our beautiful evening, the only little person willing to cooperate with me? This handsome lad right here…


And between that grin and the scenery, that is one of my favorite photos of him. Thanks, Christian.

A few weeks later, after our train date, we ended up in Stillwater again. This time, we were stopping for dinner on our way home. Someone fell asleep in the car and was not pleased to stop for dinner, but a long conversation with his Auntie Livi and he managed to rally. Dinner at the Mad Capper and then we went to bum about a bit, to see the lift bridge again.

As we were walking through downtown, Simon was pushing his brand new trains.

That cracks me up, not only for the underwear showing, but who can walk like that, for blocks?!?!

Then, we were watching the lift bridge and my darling nephew agreed to let me photograph him. He almost never does that without some sort of bribe. But, he was in a pretty good mood that day.

He’s copying the bridge. And he made me promise to get his trains in the picture.

Now, of course, the bridge has gone up.

So, I asked him to show me again, but this time, to stand in front of the bridge.

But, he didn’t like that one, because I cut off his trains.

So we have that.

And you’ll notice that A)he’s smiling (like a dork, but smiling) and B) he obviously needs a bigger shirt.

He was happy, I was happy, and Grandma was happy, so I’d call both trips successful. I love summer in Stillwater.


2 thoughts on “Simon in Stillwater

  1. Victoria wants to know why ‘you’ made Simon wear a shirt that is too small. Christian wants that picture for his door. And I just love the whole thing. Is it weird my kids read blogs with me at 6am?

    • Tell Victoria that Grandma Kaye didn’t have a bigger shirt for him…so he wore that. Tell Christian I will print a copy (I assume you mean of him smiling?) for him to hang on his door. I am glad that you were able to start your day with a smile and I do not think it is weird. I find it delightful.

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