Halloween by the Numbers

1 person who said I looked like Kathy Bates

2 little girls to Trick-or-Treat with on Halloween night

3 people who asked if I cut my hair (?!?!?!?)

4 year old nephew


5 strangers Lane and I insisted on being photographed with


(we don’t know the dude in the yellow stripe hat)

(this man had biceps bigger than my thighs!)

(the girl is new…she just shoved her way in)

(Elena is drunkenly trying to get a photo of me and her sister, Nancy. This guy shoved in)

And Ken – who asked me a dirty question and then became my buddy. So did his wife.

6 people who asked how I got my hair under that wig

7 people who said, “short hair looks good on you”

8 minutes to ride around the block in my first ever Pedi Cab ride

(drunk and in motion…sue me)

9 tries it took drunk Elena to capture me with her sister

10, on a scale of 1-2, is how much I love this picture

13 is the number of people at my house on Halloween night (thanks for coming over Mom, Dad, Em, Chad, Arionna, Tarah, Andy, Layla, Tom, Mindy, Clayton, and Lewie!)

25 is the approximate number of Trick or Treaters that visited Casa Livlife

60 is the number that visited last year

100 is just a random number I’m using to preface the last photo:


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