To Infinity and Beyond

Browsing across Flickr today and I saw an interesting picture. I do this frequently, because I love looking at pictures. I’m fascinated by what people will take pictures of and by the vision of some people.

That is how I stumbled across this incredible website, which uses real photographs from the public domain at Flickr. It takes thousands of tiny photos and puts them together to form one overall new picture. So, looking at a photo, you’d never know it was made up of thousands of other photos, perfectly placed to give the right color in the right spot. You could only know this if you zoomed in.

The site lets you do that. You can keep zooming in over and over, seeing the smaller photos become clear, then click on those to see what pictures were used to create it and so on and so forth.

Infinite Picture

And it really is. I wasted probably 5 solid minutes clicking and marveling at the genius of some people. I love creativity harnessed in new and unusual ways.


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