Scratch and Win

You know how I said nothing until next week? Well two stories happened since yesterday… (I’m so dramatic).

First, I’m going to Eau Claire this weekend for a craft show. I’m leaving straight from work, so I am sitting at my desk this morning and cleaning out my purse. As I was at Rainbow this week, I have these scratch off tickets in my purse. Scratch off tickets??? How can that be in her budget?

It’s not, but Rainbow has this game going on. They always seem to have some game going on…we just finished Monopoly. But now we’re playing a scratch off game. You buy certain items and you win scratch off tickets. It’s pretty fun. I never buy items just because they’ll get me tickets, but if I was buying it anyway, I might buy two.

So, I ended up with 16 tickets this time! Last time I got three. The time before that I got four. I shoved them in my purse and forgot about them. I found them this morning and spent some time scratching them off. Here’s the thing, though. They’re super hard to win. There are nine little silver scratch areas and you can only scratch off three of nine. You have to match three symbols, in only three tries. Every single ticket has three matching symbols, but to find them blindly? It’s not easy.

I start scratching away like a madwoman and of course not winning a thing. I didn’t win anything on any of my previous tickets either. Most of them are only $1 or $5 winners, but still. Then, at the bottom, each ticket has another scratch area that usually gets you a coupon. 25¢ off of…something. I’ve only ever found one coupon for something I actually buy, pizza rolls.

Today, I was down to two tickets left. I scratched one box. I got a helmet. I scratched another one and…got a second helmet! It was the first time in 21 tickets I’d even gotten the first two to match. I was so excited I pushed it aside and scratched the next ticket. I didn’t win on that one.

I went back to my helmet ticket. I deliberated (no kidding, I looked back at other tickets and tried to find a pattern to figure out where that third helmet might be) for several minutes and then, I picked my area. scratch, scratch, scratch.

I won!!!!!!!!!!!

I found the third helmet. I was so excited I think I whooped. I know, this is a lot of excitement for grocery store scratch offs, but who cares? I figured it was most likely a $1 winner, because I’d only seen two $5 winners in all those tickets, the rest were all a dollar. But still, it’s a free dollar.

I scratched the coupon part first. It was for cat food. So I tore off that part and threw it away. Finally, I was ready. I scratched the prize box…and…areyousoexcited?….I won…



two more scratch off tickets.

How disappointing is that? The ONLY ticket I saw that didn’t offer cash as a prize and that is the one I win on? Fine, I’ll get two more tickets, but the odds of me winning are so freaking small.

Crazy, I know, but I am actually disappointed in my victory.

Here’s a photo of my winning ticket, in case any of that description was confusing.

Damn Rainbow and their addicting little grocery games.


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