Things I am grateful for:

My mother. (Do I need to say any more?)


That my dad’s birthday falls around Thanksgiving every year, it is his favorite time of year and it is fun to enjoy it with him.

Simon. He’s so much fun to be around–crazy and funny and silly and smart and sweet.

Arionna. She’s cuddly and independent and strange and wonderful.

Spending time with my sister. She had to work on Thanksgiving day…and all weekend, yet I still saw her three days in a row!

My grandma being in an exceptionally good mood on Thanksgiving. She even laughed (actual laughter, not just a slight smile) at a joke that *I* made.

Hanging out with my funny niece. She is developing a very strong sense of humor and was cracking us all up. Especially on Friday, when she woke up vomiting (she was fine–probably a reaction to the macaroni and cheese she ate for Thanksgiving) and then spent the next hour wandering around pretending to vomit (making the noises, opening her mouth and pretend gagging) just to watch us all react and then giggling like a maniac.

Spontaneous affection from my nephew. Simon has hit a stage where he loves being affectionate. I was driving a car and he was in the backseat. When I parked, he unbuckled and leaned into the front and kissed me on the cheek. No reason at all, just because.


(yes, that is a stuffed reindeer, NOT me, but the reindeer liked it, too)

*Forcing* (with help from my mom, thanks Mom!) my dad to chop down a tree for the first time in years…on his birthday…for the benefit of his grandchildren and watching their delight as Grandpa cut down a tree. Simon was crouched on the ground, just like Pa, but as soon as he started sawing, Simon leapt out of the way and said, “I better move so a tree doesn’t fall on me!”

That Zack is not afraid of Arionna anymore. And that she IS afraid of him (even though she secretly loves him and will chant zackzackzackzackzackzack the second he is out of sight).

When Zack took a nap on the living room floor, Arionna crept up to him and tucked her favorite toys all around him, covered him with her blanky, AND tried to stick her Nuk in his mouth. It was adorable.

Watching how much my dad enjoys being a grandfather. And realizing we can get him to do just about anything “for the grandkids” (see chopping down tree – above)


Giving my dad strike anywhere matches as a birthday gift and watching him realize that, once again, I was right.

My grandma giving my dad his birthday check (one dollar for every year of life) and realizing that it was WRONG! (He’s 58, NOT 59).

Four day weekends!

An amazing, best-one-ever, pumpkin pie that my mother made.

That my house smells like a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

That my house is now fully decked out for the holidays.


(Yes, I know that is a terrible picture. All my good ones are on my camera, not my phone, so they’re not available yet.)

That even though we were all tired, we still expended the effort to take Simon and Arionna to the Holidazzle parade for the first time. Even though we were experiencing the Venturi Effect and it was cold. Damn cold. (Pics to come!)

That I have a wonderful family whom I love, a safe and healthy family, enough food to feed us, that we enjoy each others’ company and that we know how lucky we are in all of these things.

Hope you all had a safe and fun and happy Thanksgiving! (And Happy Birthday to my dad!)


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