Forty Percent

Ran to Bed, Bath, & Beyond last night with my mom. I love that store. So many goodies for the home. I was in the market for two very specific items.

1. A winter welcome mat. I have a welcome mat for spring/summer and one for fall. Nada for winter and I wanted one. They only had two. One was ugly as sin and the other was cute, but half the size of a typical welcome mat AND it doesn’t say welcome.

I bought it because I currently have nothing in front of my door. I got it home, put it out…it looks ridiculous. It isn’t even big enough to stretch across my front door.

2. The other item was battery operated tea lights. Every single one of these I currently own (and that is maybe 20-30, I literally bought every single one they had in stock last year) has come from BBB. I looked…nothing. They did not have the ones that I currently own, either in the regular or the multi-colored. I found (well, my mom found – she was my shopping buddy) a pack of 10, a different brand, for $10.

You are probably wondering why I purchased two items when they weren’t what I wanted. Well, both are on my “semi-need” list and I had massive coupons for this store. The above two items cost $10 a piece, for a total of….that’s right, $20. I paid $19 and also got two pairs of slipper socks and a light up ornament.

Good deal.

Fine, I get the stuff home and put the tiny welcome mat out front. It looks like someone watered my house and it grew three sizes. Ridiculous.

Then, I take the tea lights upstairs. One of my holiday decorations takes 6 tea lights. I take them out of the package and ONLY six of them work. That’s right, a brand new package, never been used, and only six out of ten work.

Forty percent does not work!

How absurd is that?

I’ve never, ever, had an issue at BBB before and I have bought many a household item there. Truly, I bet most of my friends have shopped there with me, I go there all.the.time. Never a single problem with anything, then I have the most disappointing trip ever? Maybe it was the law of averages at work.

So, now I have to hit Target tonight and see if they have a better (or at least regular sized) welcome mat and if they sell battery operated tea lights (I know that they do, but the real question is how much will they cost me?) and then I will be returning the items to BBB. Well, most of the items. I’m kind of in love with the light up ornament, so I will be keeping that. I’m up in the air over the slipper socks. We shall see.

Forty stinking percent.


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