Build Your Own Snowflake

How did I not know about this????

This amazing site lets you create a virtual snowflake (absolutely no MORE complicated than a paper one) and then it shows a snowfall of all these individual flakes that people have created. You can even attach a message to your snowflake. I’ve been sitting at my desk, all day, just watching these snowflakes fall. Okay, I’ve done many other things, but I’ve had it open all day.

I like to click on ones that catch my eye and see them in detail.

You can also search for snowflakes by number, so if you go to the site and make one, copy your number and post it in my comments so I can go and see your snowflake!

Mine is #10742401  which I believe means I was the 10,742,401 st person to create a snowflake. Ten million different snowflakes falling, can you believe that?!?!

Have fun! and ‘Tis the season!


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