Today, I am suffering from severe ADD. I don’t know what my problem is.

I cannot focus on any one thing.

I like cupcakes.

I am trying to get several things done and rather than just do one of them until it is finished, I am jumping around, spending a few minutes on one and then the other.

I used to have a bird.

It is terribly distracting. It is also extremely unproductive. I’ve gotten next to nothing done today. If I didn’t have deadlines I’d scrap it and go take a nap.

I hate naps.

But I like pineapple.

So, my obvious solution is just to blog. That’ll clearly help. (I’ve also written Kelly’s Xmas letter, and a fake one, blogged about that, and checked my email 73,000 times).

There comes a certain point in every day when you just know you’re going to get nothing done. That’s a truism. But, I (love Christian Kane) will not give in. I will try to focus. I will finish my tasks. I williwilliwilliwilliwilliwilliwill.

How’s that for crazy?


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