Christmas Letter

If Kelly says it’s funny, then it’s funny enough to post. I guess.

Each year, Kelly writes a Christmas letter that she mails with her cards. Each year, Kelly asks me to help her proof the letter. I love it! I truly look forward to that every Christmas. She sends me drafts, we toss ideas about, she writes it and I proofread it.

This year was no exception.

However, probably due to her later-than-usual trip to Mexico, Kelly is behind on the Christmas letter. She has the idea, format, and most of the information, it just needed to be put together.

She’s been feeling a little stressy over it, so I asked how I could help. She said, “write the damn thing for me”.

So I did.

Without further ado, here is MY version of Kelly’s family Christmas letter:

Kelly declared it the funniest thing I’ve ever done. While I doubt that, it is fairly entertaining. (Oh, and the weird gap at the top of the letter? I just blanked out their last name for the blog. It’s written in on the “real” letter).

And, other than my mom, I don’t think any of you are one Kelly’s card list, so this won’t ruin the surprise of the format. (And my mom already knew, I tell her everything.)

18 days left until Christmas!

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