Holiday Love List

There are so many things I love about the holiday season, it is almost hard to decide what to talk about. Aside from snow (I LOVE when it snows in December) and the new virtual snowfall I’ve been obsessed with, here are some of my favorite (random) loves.

1. Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash



They ONLY sell this seasonally, I do not know why. It is crisp, delicious, refreshing and full of flavor. (Do I sound like I work for them? I don’t, and don’t need to, this baby sells itself.) At any rate, I look forward to this each year. I saw it for the first time at 8 pm last night. By noon today, I’d pounded 2 20 oz. bottles. It’s an addiction.

2. My color changing snowman.

He’s brand new to my universe. I bought him at an after Christmas sale, last year, at CVS. Yep, the pharmacy. I saw him and he was ridiculously cheap. Like $0.99 cheap. He has a USB cable and plugs directly into your computer, then he just changes color all day long. When I saw it, I almost didn’t buy it, because in my head he was a stupid idea. I was wrong, he is awesome. He sits on my desk at work and makes me happy all day long. People comment on him every single day. (Oh and as it is hard to tell in the photos, he’s only about 3″ tall)

3. The giant attitude that my niece can cop.

(is it just me or does that face say, “I will not smile and YOU can’t make me”)

My sister is trying to get photos of her for Christmas. This is the result. I love this. Love, love, love this. It reminds me so much of Emily and her sassy little attitude last week when she was small. There were nice photos. Blog coming.

4. My decorated house and fun camera apps.


That seems sufficiently self-explanatory.

5. The Autobiography of Santa Claus. This is a book I’ve been reading for years. Over and over again. There is so much good stuff in here, I can’t get enough. Delightfully, it is set up with 24 chapters, so you can read one per night, starting on December 1st and finish the book on Christmas. Brilliant. It’d be a great read-aloud to older children. But for anyone, it is a fun and fascinating story.

6. White Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. My two favorite Christmas movies that I watch year after year after year. I can’t recall a Christmas not watching them. I also have other go-to favorites (The Santa Clause, Love Actually, The Family Stone) but those two I never miss. I can quote them both, sing every song, and still get misty at the sappy parts.

7. Christmas cards. I love getting them. Who doesn’t? It seems like every single year I get fewer and fewer, but I still send one out and I still look forward to getting the mail in December, to see if I got any cards. (BTW, one week in, I’ve gotten a measly 2 – hope it isn’t a sign of a very low turnout!)

8. No one thinks I’m weird if I walk around humming a Christmas song all day. They do, however, find that strange in June.

9. Fresh Balsam candles. Slatkin and Co., the line sold at Bath and Body Works, makes a candle called Fresh Balsam. It smells EXACTLY like a fresh cut tree. It is amazing. It might even smell better than my tree. They only sell it seasonally, and last year they ran out! Stock up while you can. And, I’ve tried several brands of “Christmas scented” candles, including Yankee Candle Co. and these are by far the best scent.

10. The fact that I can write, talk, and blog about Christmas all the damn time and no one thinks it bizarre or annoying. Wait? You do?


Too bad. 17 days until Christmas!


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