Remember this post? About my friends and knitting.

Well, that was posted on December 5, today is December 14. In a mere 9 days, Janny has completed (at least) two pairs of wristlets (which I read are actually called wristers, wristlets are small purses – whatever – I’m too invested in wrisLETS to change now) and delivery of both.

That’s right.

Lisa received hers days ago and wears them all the time. I bet you’re wondering what her look like? I sure was. Yesterday, knowing I was getting mine, I made her send me a picture. I was hoping I’d get her face in it, but this works.

Lisa's wristlet

And I don’t know if libraries just naturally have weird lighting, but that color is a burgundy red, if I remember right. Or maybe brick red is a better description. Is that what they look like? They look brownish to me in the photo.

And now {drumroll, please} here are MY beautiful wristlets.

wristlets close

Oh my. Aren’t they so pretty? Strangely, that’s not at all the color they are. They’re more purpley, less blue, and lighter in color than they appear in the photo. Why is library lighting so odd?

You’ll notice they’re the same style, mine and Lisa’s, Jan was working off the same pattern. Mine are a bit thicker, since they were made second, and therefore subject to review. Still, I think we both lucked out that Jan is so talented and so generous.

I also got to meet some good friends for coffee (hot chocolate) and a chat on a Tuesday evening. Oh, and Lisa? This is the picture I was hoping for…


Aren’t they so cute? And don’t they look different than the picture above? Those photos were taken within seconds of one another, so the lighting didn’t change. This pic is even less representative of the true color of my wristlets, if you can believe it. They’re honestly that pretty – just not that color.

Okay, that’s enough going on about this, mmm?

JannyJanJan, thank you so very much for my gift. It means the world to me that you would do this. As I have no ability to do things like this, I’m grateful, but because you’re such a kind friend, I’m honored. Also, I’ve been wearing them all day today, and have received several compliments on them. I smile and say, “yes, they ARE awesome, my friend Jan made them”. Not many complimentors seem as amazed by that fact as I am, but there you go.

Thanks again!

5 thoughts on “Knittastic!

  1. I was wearing mine today! But then I had to eat. That’s the only thing–gotta take them off for stuff like that. Maybe I’ll take a pic of my face while wearing them this weekend–at a hockey rink, probably!

  2. Hey Liv – you are very welcome. Glad you are enjoying them. Thanks for the fun photos. When you don’t want to take them on and off, just flip them over and put the end that is usually towards your elbow on your wrist. It won’t go over your thumb, but you won’t have to take them off either. I wear mine like that because it bugged me to take them off so much. Since we’ve improved the formula since Lisa’s were made, she gets another pair. Her’s have to be as bitchin’ as Olivia’s! I made little tiny ones for some of my buddies under the age of 10. very cute.

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