Steak and Speed

Hmm, I’d really love to know what people THINK this post will be about, just based on the title alone. I wonder that often, it’s strange that this is the first time I’ve asked.

At any rate, my friend Mark got his first iPhone. Naturally, as I was, he is over the moon. Until you own one, I don’t think you understand how wondrous this tool is. He wanted me to come help him navigate/play with it, so I was invited to dinner.

Strangely, though Kelly has been my friend for more than 22 years, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal she’s cooked. Mark, however, is one of my favorite cooks. Perhaps because he spoils me with steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus. He makes asparagus every time, because he knows I like it. He makes a terrific steak, too. This time, he experimented with cheddar bernaise sauce, which was fantastic. He made a fancy sauce last time, too, but I can’t remember what it was.

I did set him up an iTunes account and taught him how to buy an app. He’s all set. He said he doesn’t need much, and I’m sure he doesn’t, but my guess is that the obsession will slowly grow, as most do.

After dinner, during the drinking, we decided to play a game. That didn’t go as planned. We tried Catch Phrase (I seriously love that game), Trivial Pursuit, and discussed Yahtzee. Nothing took. I was going to teach them Farkle, but they didn’t have enough dice. We played Screw Your Neighbor and Mark hated it. We tried Golf (or Four Cards) and Mark wasn’t on board. Jokingly, I suggested Speed. I know full well it is only a two player game, but the problem is there are not many three player games around. Maybe I should invent one?

The point is, do you remember Speed? Kelly used to be obsessed with this game. As did my cousin Sara, if I remember right. I’ve spent many an hour in my life playing Speed. I refreshed Kelly’s memory and she and I shared a game. Pretty soon, Mark wanted in. Around and around it went, the three of us taking turns playing this game.

The two of them played the most, as Kelly’s fondest desire is to, apparently, sit around playing cards with Mark in the evenings.

I think they’re off to a good start.

They’re a  little blurry and my wineglass is blocking the cards, but I like how you can see their tree in the background.

Look how intense they are! Or maybe that’s just the consumption…


I think that’s the best one. I love how intense they are. Did I already say that? Yes, I did. (Can you tell I got interrupted there?) But, they’re so serious. No laughing, no cracking up, this is damn serious business right here. Playing Speed. Kicking each other’s asses.

But, it was fun. We laughed, we played games, we won, we lost, we consistently ate food (well, some of us did) and we shared secrets. A truly fun evening between friends.

Thank you both, again, for dinner and the company. I loved both!

P.S. I took my leftover steak home and the next night, warmed it up and ate it over a salad with bleu cheese. A bleu cheese steak salad. It was freaking delicious! (and thanks for that bag of lettuce, mom!)


4 thoughts on “Steak and Speed

  1. The only thing I could notice was the extreme amount of empties on the table. Wow, did it really look like that? I’ve been joansing for another game. I have to teach a couple second graders so I can play daily. It was a very fun night. Glad you could make it over!

    • Yeah, I knew you’d love that! Yes, it really did look like that. For some reason you two only got up to get freshies, never to dispose of the empties. I think it just looks like we had fun. Or that the frat guys just left….one of the two!

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