Scaring the Weather

I mentioned, in an offhand manner, something about the nice weather, to Elena. She said, “Sssh! You’ll scare it away.” Aside from that being funny, it makes me wonder.

Is this weather permanent this winter? Or is this just a weird prelude and we’re about to get smacked in the face with a “real” Minnesota winter?

I don’t know. Honestly, how could I, but I refuse to pussyfoot about. It is what it is. If the weather gets cold and snowy, then it does, it isn’t like that would be unexpected. However, for those who don’t know, we have almost zero snow on the ground. It’s snowed twice. The first time was about 0.5″ and it was melted in a matter of days. This last time (New Year’s Eve) it snowed about 1.5″ and though much of it has melted there are mini-snow drifts left to admire.

The temps have been so mild that I’ve only worn a coat twice this winter. (We had a two day span where the high was in the teens). So far, in 2012, I’ve yet to wear a coat. Today, January 9th, it is 41°. The average high for this day? 24°. Our overnight low tonight is predicted at 28°. That is higher than the average temp!

As an example, Thursday night is the night my recycling goes out. I showered that evening and I had bare feet. It was so warm it sounded like it was raining outside, but it was just snow melting of the roof. I went to take out the garbage and recycling in bare feet and flip flops. (I was also wearing pants and a t-shirt). Since it was so nice out I decided to scrape at some of the ice clumped at the end of my driveway.

So, in flip-flops, I grabbed a shovel and started scraping. That has never happened before. I doubt I’ve ever worn flip-flops in January in my entire life, much less outside, while shoveling snow! What a strange and wonderful winter this has been. I’m glad my Alabama relatives didn’t pick this year to come up in winter, can you imagine how disappointed the children would have been? No snow or cold at all. Just a shade colder than their daily lives. (Right now, it is 64° in Tuscaloosa–we are shooting for a high of 46. Granted that is 18° of difference, but that is not much, considering what it should be!)

Speaking of 64–on Friday, when I came to work, I parked in the sun. When I got done, four hours later I got in my car and it was so warm in there. I turned it on and the temperature gauge said:


(I’m tickled that this is also the current temp in Alabama. How fortuitous!)

Granted it was only 38° outside, but the sun was so warm it made the car think it was almost 30°warmer! It’s wonderful and I am sure enjoying this anomalous weather. Also, it makes other things spectacular as well. There has been sunshine every single day, so no January depression or doldrums, and the other night, driving home, I saw this.

Rarely do we ever even see sunsets in January, the gray, heavy, leaden clouds are usually blocking it, and in my recollection, it is never that gorgeous. Sometimes, Mother Nature is kind to us in her blessings. I’m very grateful. Hopefully, she’ll appreciate that and not allow me to scare away this goodness. (It is supposed to get down to highs in the teens by the end of the week–and snow–so I am blogging this now, in case I need to remember)

Happy January!

3 thoughts on “Scaring the Weather

  1. Wow that is strange!!! It’s been warmer than usual here too. We will have a couple of cold days in a row (and by cold I mean 30s) and then 60s for a week. I’m loving it!!!

    • Everyone up here is freaking out because it is supposed to get cold tomorrow and Friday. (Like highs in the low-20s) But the forecast calls for 40 again on Saturday, so I’m not real worried.

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