A Year’s Difference

Last year, during her first year of life I took pictures of Arionna every month. Most just happened during daily life. For her 11 month shoot, I decided to make it special and took her to the Conservatory. There is something about that place that all pictures seem to turn out well.


I was sitting her overnight last weekend and realized it was close to one year after that shoot and thought it would be fun to do some “almost 2” shots.

Here’s what we got:

Right when we walked in the door

oh how that makes my heart happy. It’s two of my favorite people in the world.

Little miss was less than cooperative. She wanted to walk and explore, not stop and smile.

Still, look how beautiful (the girl and the photo)

She really wanted nothing to do with this.

But, we worked and worked for it and got a terrific one, which I’ll share in a second. Before I do, how about a little compare and contrast?

23 months

11 months:

She looks a teeny bit different, hmm?

Okay, the money shot.

Just kidding…that’s 11 months again.

(I know it’s a bit blurry…but I can’t help it. She’s rarely still).

This next picture cracks me up.

And, why? Well, because one year ago…

(She couldn’t walk then, so Grandma carried her. This time, all on her own).

But, also, it’s funny because, just a couple weeks ago…

Kelly took her kids there and got this shot of Christian. What is so fascinating about the Conservatory’s ceilings? That’s what I want to know.

I have no idea what caught her attention…but it makes for a cute face.

She sure is a cute littler bugger, with a cute personality to match.

I could not get her smiling with Grandma, but the pictures are beautiful, nonetheless.

Grandma had better luck,

she managed to get us both smiling, if not both looking.

The only one where she is looking directly into the camera and still smiling, she’s also trying to give me high-5s because I’m awesome that way.

Lastly, as we were leaving, we bundled her back up. She happened to be wearing the hat and scarf that my mom (Grandma) made for her for Christmas. I don’t know who knits for the toddler set, but they should, because it is utterly adorable!

She looks like she was caught mid-dance step there, but it’s cute as could be. I quickly snapped another and got this.

Just darling. Both the miniature scarf and the miniature person.

It was a fun day and a fun weekend with my best girl! (You are so much more fun now that you walk and talk, Arionna!)

2 thoughts on “A Year’s Difference

    • It was crazy, I didn’t even realize I had one from both times I took her there. What is up with the ceiling in that place? And thanks for letting me borrow the C pic! (Even though I didn’t ask)

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