She Loves Tom Brady, Too!

video a video by okmoris on Flickr.

It must run in the family, hmm? This is an adorable video of her singing the Barney song. I love that she’s playing with my Tom Brady doll (of course I have a Tom Brady doll, who doesn’t?) and singing to him.

I have to be sly, if I point the iPhone at her, she wants it…which is why she is not facing me.

Toddler singing might just be the cutest thing in the world, and delightful to me because my nephew was never a fan. To this day he doesn’t even like it when anyone sings NEAR him, so she is a treat.

Enjoy this mini-concert!


4 thoughts on “She Loves Tom Brady, Too!

    • Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous. If you ask me I’ll show you the one where she notices the phone is there…even cuter, but she stops singing.

  1. She appeared to be smackin’ Tom around a little! It’s very cute when she sings! F.Y.I. on Simon, last time he was here he was singing along to ‘wheels on the bus’, doing all the actions…crazy, I tell ya. I’ve never seen him do that before, it was a lot of fun! Arionna and Layla thought so too:)

    • She knows Tom can take it, he’s tough! That’s so great about Simon. They probably sing at preschool, so I hope he develops a taste for it.

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