Burrito Bounty

I believe we’ve talked a bit, about how I’m not much of a cook. What I am good at is research. I’ve scoured the internet for food blogs, recipe websites, tips and tricks, and I’m making myself better through research. My favorite source is still my mom, but that will never change.

I used to be so bad I couldn’t go to the grocery store without calling my mom. No lie, at least the first six months of living alone, I called her every single time I went to the grocery store. Where do I find…? What does this mean….? Is this the same as…? Things like that.

One of my favorite food blogs is called Budget Bytes. Aside from the fact that she cooks on a budget and tries to keep cooking more cost effective, she also seems to have the same palate as I have. We like the same stuff. I’ve tried several recipes and liked them all. I would say I think I like more flavor than she does, but mostly, what she says is good, I know I’ll like it, too. That’s good to know. I certainly would never make everything she makes, some of it is just bizarre, but this is for certain my favorite.

Now, a problem I have is lunches. I hate lunch, but it is my biggest meal of the day. I don’t like it because I’m having it at work. I don’t eat breakfast, so my first meal of the day is lunch. Then I eat something smaller for dinner at home. But, back to lunch, because it is at work, I can’t cook, it has to be microwaveable. Many of you are probably thinking, leftovers! But, I don’t like to cook every day, so when I cook something, I eat the leftovers for days afterward, so I don’t like them for lunch.

Which leaves me with frozen dinners. I used to buy Healthy Choice steamer bowls. They were very tasty AND good for you. But, they are $3.50 each, if you can get them on sale, over $4 if not. When I still worked at Hamline and had extra money, that was fine, but not on my budget. I can’t be paying $20 a week on lunch. I switched to Banquet tv dinners, which are $1.29 each, but they are often on sale 10/$10. At a dollar a piece, I’m suddenly spending $20 a MONTH on lunch. Much more economically sound, but they aren’t good for you, nor are they particularly filling. I’m usually hungry by 4pm. It sucks.

So, I’ve been casting around for new ideas…what can I do for lunch? Then, my dear blogger at BB put up this recipe about a week ago. Burritos Blanco. (Okay, it was January 16, so I guess it was two weeks ago).

I love Mexican food, that’s no secret, so I was all about these burritos anyway. Then, she said in the recipe, “I can’t tell you enough how great it is to have burritos like this stocked in your freezer. They’re the ultimate grab-n-go lunch. I just take one out of the freezer, put it in a container (to catch condensation) and it’s mostly thawed by lunch time. Then I just heat it up real quick in the microwave and I’ve got a super satisfying and filling lunch.”


It sounded strange to me, but worth trying. So, I made the recipe. First, I had to figure out “pork shoulder”. I had never bought one before. I went to my Taste of Home magazine to read about it and then went to the store armed with my minimal knowledge and-BAM-there it is. Just as described. I was so happy to have bought meat on my own, without calling my mom. (Buying meat kind of scares me, it’s very overwhelming and so particular).

It so happened that she stopped by the day I was cooking the pork shoulder, so I was able to brag to her that I purchased it all by myself, without her help. (It’s hard to believe I’m about to be 33, isn’t it?)

At any rate, after you cook the pork shoulder, you just assemble these. Easy Peasy. Seriously, the prep took maybe 5-10 minutes. Once they were done and rolled up, you wrap each burrito in saran wrap and throw the lot of them in a freezer bag, or two.

The next day, I grabbed a single wrapped burrito out of the freezer bag and took it to work. I left it in my mini fridge for the day and it was still mostly frozen at lunch. That means I cook it about 90 seconds to heat it up. Here’s the real kicker, once done, these are fantastic! The shell stays soft, the meat and beans blend together and the cheese melts and gets all gooey. Delicious. Plus, just one burrito fills me up and keeps me full. Yesterday, I had one for lunch at 1:30 pm (late lunch) and didn’t eat dinner until 9pm and I was fine. I was starting to get hungry, but these babies fill you up!

I have never made a recipe and been so happy with it. Her budget had the individual burritos costing $1.74 each, but I compared her prices to mine and mine were cheaper. Even so, less than $2 for a delicious, fairly healthy, filling lunch is totally worth it.

I’ve had people at work asking me about my lunch. I think they thought I was making a gas station burrito or something and then I’d tell people I made it and I’ve given out the recipe about 8 times. It’s been so popular, I figured I should share it for friends and family. (And you awesome 11 strangers who follow my blog, thank you!)

So there you have it–my current favorite recipe. I’m down to four burritos left–and already thinking about buying another pork shoulder to make it again. I love this recipe!

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