I Think He Likes It

On Saturday, Simon, my mom, and I were watching a movie. Simon was sitting on my lap and cuddling with me. It was unusual, because he isn’t very cuddly and if he is going to cuddle, it’s with grandma, not me. I enjoyed it immensely. While we were sitting, he was playing with my scarf that my mom made me for Christmas just touching it and winding it around my neck and tying the ends, things like that. My mom noticed and asked if he had a scarf. He said no. She asked if he wanted one, she would make him one. He said no.

Then, later, while we were still watching the movie, he did this:

He actually took the scarf off of me and wound it completely around himself and sat that way for about an hour. He was so absorbed, he didn’t even know I took a picture (or two of him).

I think it is totally possible the boy loves scarves and grandma should definitely make him one. In blue. (Because that’s his favorite color, you know.)


2 thoughts on “I Think He Likes It

    • Well, I was very sneaky about it. Yes, you should get it done by his birthday! (granted, April is pretty much the end of scarf season, but still)

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