Not as Advertised

After my blog about lunches yesterday, I actually had a Banquet frozen lunch. It was a new variety. Pepper steak and rice. It sounded pretty good. Here’s the package.

You can see me holding the box. Given the relation to my thumb and to the pile of rice, that is how big I expected the “meat patty” (don’t think about it too hard) to be. I don’t really have high expectations of these meals, luckily, I’m pretty non-discriminating about my food. If it’s edible…great. (I know, how inspiring).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I opened the package, cooked it, removed the cellophane wrapper and found:

(Yes, I took a picture of my lunch, deal with it). But, again, let’s look at the patty compared to my thumb. How about compared to the pile of rice? Or, for more information, how about compared to a standard sized plastic fork? Nope, that’s not an oversized, giant fork. It’s just the regular sized. That patty is so small. SO small. It’s about an inch and a half across. Come on. Like I said, I don’t expect much, but that was ridiculous. When I cut it up, it came to about four bites.

The package makes no claims as to “actual size” on the box, but this was definitely not as advertised.


4 thoughts on “Not as Advertised

  1. Gotta love the lighting in the photograph on that box, too. And don’t forget about those perfectly placed veggies on that meat pattie. Man, my mouth is watering…gotta go throw my frozen dinner in the microwave.

    • Nope, I had a massage after work and then stopped at Target, I didn’t get home until almost 9, so I stopped for fast food. Yesterday was pretty much a bust in the food department.

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