The Little Things

I swear, people put too much emphasis on cost. Some of the things I love best in this world were incredibly inexpensive. Case in point? The pen my mother bought me for Christmas. I picked it out. It cost $3 and she said, “you’d really want that?” Um, yes, please!

So she bought it and I forgot she bought it until she gifted me with it.

I finally brought it to work and, let me tell you, I can’t get enough. I play with the pen all the time. (Do you think I might have a pen obsession?) Today, I was just looking at it and I wanted to write something. I had nothing to write, but I wanted to use my fun pen.

So I did.

And, of course, I had to share it with all of you. A beautiful pen that writes in ten different, rainbow, colors. I’m in heaven. (And did I mention it’s a purple pen? Which you can see from the photo, but it is a little hard to tell, I had to do some fancy editing to get all the colors to show up in the photo).

Thanks again, Mom, I really love it!


8 thoughts on “The Little Things

    • Of COURSE you do! It’s awesome. FYI, this one was purchased at Old Navy. It was probably November when she bought it, but I’d start there in my search. Good luck. LMK if you find one!

  1. You are very welcome! I’m glad you love your pen so much, and even more, that you will always think of me when you use it:) Some times, it is just about the little things!

    • It’s the best pen, ever! I smile like a loon when I use it. When I go to meetings sometimes I switch colors in the middle of taking notes, just because I can!

      • Me too…and do you ever change what kind of pen you like to use? Sometimes I like ball point but than I just want to use a big black sharpie…

      • Well, I wouldn’t say I change, I always love my favorite pens, but it is often appealing to write with a marker, it just gives a different perspective to the words on the page.

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