This weekend was an unplugged weekend for me.

I shut off my phone. I didn’t know if anyone called, or text, or emailed or anything. I didn’t use the internet. I did use my computer, but only to watch movies.

Mostly, I stayed in, by myself, and let the world pass me by. I didn’t watch the Superbowl. I didn’t know who won. I don’t know what the best commercials were. I don’t care. I read books. I cleaned my kitchen. I ignored my huge pile of laundry (again). I went for a walk. I watched movies. I read some more. I ate when I was hungry, not when it was “time”. I slept and woke without alarms.

It was a simple, quiet, peaceful weekend. It was exactly what I needed. My phone spent the weekend, turned off, on the charger, in the bathroom. I paid it no attention.

It was glorious.

This morning, I woke to messages, voicemails, missed texts, missed calls. Nothing was urgent, nothing was even important. What was important was my need to be by myself. To spend some time with ME, to remember who I am and what I need to be happy. To create balance and harmony in my life, I need a connection with my soul, my spirit, and I don’t get that from chaos, noise, and external sources.

I had a college professor who once explained that some people recharge their batteries with energy. They are fueled by outside excitement, by friends, and fun, and events, and sharing. Then, there are others who are fueled by quiet, by stillness, by meditation, by rumination, by being alone.

I most assuredly fall into the latter camp. Even though I live alone and am alone quite frequently, I am never fully “alone”. My phone rings. People text. There are emails to answer. There is always something. Lately I’ve been feeling a little disjointed, just a little…off. Not quite myself. There’s no blame, no answer, no reason, I’ve just been going at a pace that leaves my battery feeling perennially drained, like I’ve never fully recharged.

This weekend, I took care of that.

I start this Monday morning at 100% and holding steady. I feel more centered, more ME, than I’ve felt in a while. I have to say, it’s good to be back.


6 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Great post, Liv. Makes perfect sense. I’m glad you had this weekend. And I’m glad you’re feeling more like ‘Liv.’

  2. I knew you’d answer if Kaye’s number popped up. I called all local hospitals and jails and couldn’t find you! I thought you were tracking down CK somewhere.

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