Family Day

Sunday, we had family day. Simon was visiting, Em and Chad brought Arionna over, I dragged my butt out of the house (I did not shower or get dressed, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t brush my hair) and we all hung out for the afternoon.

The kids were in terrific moods, playing and laughing like maniacs. Zack and I played “monkey in the middle” with Simon and he was running so hard he was panting, but loving every second.

Crazy Grandma gave the kids a pound of M&Ms–before dinner–and Arionna had a little meltdown when she was told she couldn’t have any more. That girl loves her chocolate. Of course, Grandma wanted to give in and just give her some, but Emily (and me) said that was ridiculous and she doesn’t get them because she has a tantrum.

After a while, it was clear the little ones were slowing down and Grandma put on videos on the computer. Arionna is a little obsessed with Bruno Mars, apparently they watch him all day at daycare. Of course, when she visited Auntie Livi last, she wanted her Bruno, but I found other things and so she came over to me and asked me to play her “stomp your feet” which is the children’s classic “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. I pulled out my phone, which is how I watch YouTube and Arionna climbed up on my lap and cuddled up next to me. photo

She had her head on my shoulder and I told her mother she was clearly sleepy. Emily said she just woke up two hours earlier from a nap…but apparently, she was already tired. She did play pretty hard.

As I was looking at this picture, I thought about how kids used to cuddle on our laps for books. Not anymore. Now we’re cuddled around the iPhone, watching videos. The times, they have a-changed. photo

(It ain’t the 60s anymore…)

Soon enough, it was time for Arionna to go home. She gave hugs and kisses all around..except to Uncle Zack. She’s back to being scared of him. This time, we’re pretty sure it’s because of his beard. Since he’s been off work (since February 1st because of a tonsillectomy and a small setback/cauterization) he’s grown a beard and he looks very different. Arionna is leery of him. I get it–he looks like a thug with a beard!

After they were gone, we all went out to the garage. Simon immediate asked me if we could play “that game with the numbers and the spinner” which is evidently how we describe Bingo. I got Zack Bingo for Christmas and we played with Simon. We’ve not touched the game since then, but it must have made an impression.

We set up and started to play. photo

(That is, btw, the best shot of Zack with his beard) Simon really only liked spinning the spinner, he did call the numbers and very well, but he got frustrated finding them on his sheet and covering with dots.

Mid-spin. You can see grandma and grandpa…both very in to this scintillating game.

Of course, Simon, who had been on a plane that morning and was somehow still at my parents’ house by 9 am, was extremely overtired by this point and it wasn’t too long before he had a meltdown. I told him he didn’t have to play anymore, but the rest of us were going to finish our game. He didn’t like that and wiped his hand across the table, scattering my board and the chips covering my numbers.

After last time, when we had a solid talking-to over his behavior, I wasn’t taking crap from him. I took him by both hands and looked right in his face and said, “that was not good behavior, I was playing that game and you should not have done that. You owe me an apology.”

He got a mulish look on his face, but he choke out a “sorry” which was said with no meaning behind it at all, but I still count it as a victory. Especially because that ended the game and he automatically started helping us clean up, without being asked.

Not long after that, he was down for the night, but after giving Grandma some grief. My buddy clearly does not do well without enough sleep.

The rest of us sat around until far too late and played trivia…just the norm!

All in all, it was a highly successful and fun family day. Definitely don’t do those often enough.


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