When I got my iPhone…two years ago? Three? Whatever. It came with headphones, as they always do. I generally find that I am far more productive with music playing than otherwise. I play music in the morning to get up and to get me through the shower. I play music when I cook. I play music at work when I’m doing dreary tasks. (I also, like now, play music when I’m blogging)

With music on, things flow more smoothly for me and I accomplish more. I’m also far less likely to get distracted, perhaps because I’ve already split my focus between the task and my music.

When at work, I can’t just play music all day, but I can listen to it on headphones. Typically, I only put one of the earphones in, which allows me to hear what people are saying to me and still gives me the music I crave. No one seems to mind that I do this, so I keep on doing it.

Now, I don’t know if the standard iPhone earbuds are just cheaply made or if it is because I use them so frequently, but mine are toast. TOAST. (We’ll get to that in a second). I haven’t even been using them the whole time, because I started out using the pair that came with my iPod, until those were trashed, and then I dug these out of the box and began using them. I’d say a year, give or take.

It certainly seems to me that earbuds should last longer than one year.

Just so we’re clear…


…that is what an earbud looks like.

This is what my right earbud currently looks like, and it no longer works. No sound will come out.

This is the left. The covering doesn’t stay on, but if I hold it against the earbud and slip it in my ear, it lodges in place. When I remove it, the covering stays in my ear until I dig it out, but I get sound, so I work with it.

This is pretty trashed, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not particularly hard on them, I keep them in a drawer at work, they don’t travel with me unless I am going out of town (they did go to Chicago twice last year, maybe that was it…) I just use them daily.

Okay, so aside from the fact that these are junk, there is the crystal clear fact that I have to replace them. Do you know how much a new pair goes for? The exact same ones I have are $29 at the Apple store. TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS. How ridiculous is that?

Obviously I am not paying that kind of money for them. So, I turned to my friends at Amazon. I finally found a deal for 3 pairs of knockoffs for under $4. Less than FOUR DOLLARS. That’s a bit over a buck a pair and totally worth it to me. Plus, they were on free Super Saver shipping, and I had a couple other things to buy.

Well, I put the order in back in January. When they submitted the order it said, “estimated delivery date, March 1- March 8. That seemed crazy to me. Did they need time to knock over an Apple supply truck in order to give me such a good price?

Finally, after some sleuthing I realized I bought some generic knockoffs from a sweatshop in Hong Kong. It’s a proud day. Had I known, I would have asked Mindy to pick some up next time she was there (I still might…) and saved me some time.

The long and the short of the story is, the sound has starting cutting in and out of the sole, remaining, working earbud. I’m nervous that the new ones won’t arrive and I will be music-less for a few days. I won’t be able to handle it, I might even break down.

Cross your fingers that my earbuds cling to life for a few more days. And someone please explain to me why it takes six weeks for something to get from Hong Kong to the US? I feel like I could paddle a canoe there in that amount of time. (I actually made myself laugh out loud while typing that last line. Like I could paddle a canoe across my pool, much less the entire ocean. I’m a dork.)

At any rate, we’re down to the wire. I need those earbuds to come through. The upshot is, I am excited to go home and check my mail tonight.


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