Updated Headphonetastrophe

Kelly thinks I got scammed. I think that’s funny. Who wastes the time to scam someone out of $4?

Plus, they said until March 8, so there are still several days until I have to start worrying about scam artists. Which is all my way of saying that the new earbuds have NOT arrived yet.

Furthermore, this morning, while at work, the old ones gave up the ghost. Deadsville. I was listening and then a noise, like a static-y screech. Then, nada. Silence. I can no longer achieve sound from either earbud.

Of course, not having music is not an option. Therefore, I am rocking the “head”phone look.

Wow. That’s a great picture of me. I’m not sure why I look so….sad? Perplexed? Confused? Constipated? I don’t know, but it is not good. And, don’t I look great in those oversized headphones? They do have good sound though. I have to wonder if the earbud sound was compromised, because they sounded crappy compared to what I am hearing through these monstrosities.

That’s pretty much my day in a nutshell. Pray the new ones show soon. Tonight kind of soon.


4 thoughts on “Updated Headphonetastrophe

    • I have some work that needs to get done…since I was so productive yesterday, so I will be wearing them again. Unfortunately.

    • That’s so strange. Do you often order things from Hong Kong? Is that why you know that?

      Did you get your car yet?

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