Sometimes, people post blogs about flowers. I always think it is nice, but kind of weird. So that is why I am now going to do the same.

Just a couple quick things.

The bush between my house and my neighbors is finally blooming!

I’ve always wanted a lilac bush and now I finally have one. It makes me happy every morning when I leave for work and every night when I come home.

And a couple weeks ago, my mom and I went shopping and I bought my first ever outdoor plant for my home. I had one last year, but it was a gift from my mom. This year, I picked it out for myself.

Guess what color it is?

If you guessed purple…well, duh.

That’s the whole plant. Isn’t it gorgeous? It makes me smile. Now we just have to hope I can keep it alive all summer. And yes, it is supposed to be a hanging basket, and no, it is not going to hang at my house. It is going to just sit right there.

Looking pretty and making me happy. What a nice life.


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