Random Photos & Stories

For the past few weeks, I’ve taken snapshots, thinking, “oh, I’ll blog about that”. But, realistically, most of these aren’t stories, they’re snippets. And I’m busy–too busy these days to invest in lengthy stories.

Therefore, I’ve decided to do them all in one.


At my sister’s bday party, it pretty much rained all day. Whenever the rain let up, we’d trickle out into the damp yard. As it turned out, we weren’t the only ones.

4 baby ducks. Yes, it’s blurry, but you try to make four ducklings hold still for a photo.

They were sans Mama, and we were worried about them. They latched onto us like we were their mommies. It was kind of sad. We ended up putting them in the pond nearby, hoping they are okay and made it. But to get them there, we had to carry them.

There were so small!

So small I could easily encapsulate two of them in one hand. I could have probably done three, but they were wiggly.

I liked this guy. He was feisty. I would have taken him home…in a heartbeat. My mom talked me out of it. Whew. (But, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to have a pet duck?)

Last weekend, I was sitting on my patio, reading. One of my neighbors came by to check the sprinkler system. He chatted with me for a minute and introduced me to his dog, Holly. I’ve seen her around, but never met her. Holly is actually the mother of the other neighborhood dog, Chopper. George was exercising both dogs. I know Chopper well, he is Reggie’s dog and is always out and about. He loves me, he is constantly coming up to me and leaning on me so I’ll pet him. He’s a nice dog, so I do.

This day, both dogs were excited to see me.

Yep, two giant dogs on my patio. Chopper is the body-less dog.

Then, when George moved on, Chopper followed, but Holly decided to make herself at home.

You can see my toes, I’m lounging and reading and she’s laying in a pool of sunlight at my feet. After about 15 minutes, I could hear George calling for her and then he walked by and saw her and said, “I think you got a new dog”. I said it’s not happening, but she’s welcome to visit anytime.

This same weekend, my sister and Chad and Arionna, and Tarah and Layla came over for the first swim day of the season. It was fun to have them. For some reason, this year, a whole year older, and Layla is scared and Arionna is brave–complete role reversal for these girls.

That’s all she’d do by herself. And she even got scared when someone held her. And this girl is afraid of NOTHING.

Eating…and wondering….

Why it is crowded at the pool, yet somehow her dad is the ONLY person in it!

Of course, the most popular person of the day?

Auntie Livi! Over and over, these two girls would ask for “auntie Livi” (yes, Layla calls me that, too) and I’d hold them both and play with them. And, yes, Arionna’s hand is down the front of my suit. That’s where she held on to me.

The next weekend I started one of my part time jobs…as a wedding planner’s assistant. My first full day, I got to work with Lane, which made it supremely fun. I enjoyed all 18 hours of it.

Our first wedding was at the Guthrie:

The windows are tinted yellow, thus the weird color–and it makes the interior of the building that color as well. Different, that’s for sure.

This is the view we are blocking:

Gorgeous, right? Looks like a postcard.

And then last Friday, I popped by Tom and Mindy’s house to see their new patio and hang with the boys. It was a pleasant evening and reminded me how much I miss that family when I don’t see them. I brought Clay several college reference books to read. He’s very into non-fiction and I was discarding many of our old reference books. In thank you, he gifted me with the prettiest flower from his garden. Gardening is his new hobby.

How beautiful is that?

It is also the exact color of my kitchen.

See? It’s hard to tell where the petals end, they blend right in. I’ve had it in this vase for almost a week now and it is slowly dying. It darkens as it dies. He’s so sweet, that Clayton.

There you go. A quick snapshot(s) of my first few weeks of summer. I’ve been busy, but definitely still squeezing in some fun. Busy will be my constant companion for the next few months, but I’ll keep snapping away and popping in to show you what I’m up to.




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