Lentil Bean

For those of you who are A) not on Facebook or B)not friends with my mom on Facebook, I have a bit of news.

My beautiful sister and her sweet husband are adding to their family!

That’s right, I’m going to be an auntie again. They are expecting baby Lentil Bean around February 4 (which is my brother Nick’s birthday – so that date should stick for us). Stay tuned to find out Lentil Bean’s gender. Mom doesn’t want to know, but dad does, and mom got her way with the Tadpole (now known as Arionna); so expect they’ll be finding out.

My mom is hoping boy, thinking that would be nice for them to have one of each. I’m hoping girl; I wish Arionna a little sister to be best friends with.

Arionna, meanwhile, got the news when the rest of us did and was predictably underwhelmed by it all. Her parents deliberately kept it from her so she couldn’t spill the news to Auntie Livi when she spent the night this weekend. We’re all very excited. It’ll be good to have a baby in the family again, they grow far too fast.

Definitely stay tuned, I’ve no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot more about our Lentil Bean in the months to come.

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