Remember this post?

I know, it’s been a while since that came up. But still, unbeknownst to her, we have our grand, 1,000th comment on the Livlife blog.

Can you believe it?

At least one thousand separate times, someone has thought to express themselves in regard to something I have written. That is pretty amazing.

Any guesses who it is?

I’ll tell you what, I thought it was going to be Elena. She’s been commenting like crazy lately, and only I knew how close it was getting.

Then, I figured Kelly had a good chance, except it snuck into summer vacation and she spends a lot less time online. She did, however come up with the 999th comment.

Who does that leave?

The grand champion is none other than my mother, the amazing Kaye, with this comment (added to the previous post):

Not to worry…we survived! And our power came back on at 10:31 am. So, all worked out ok. Arionna couldn’t figure it out though, she kept telling me to “fix it grandma, you just need new batteries” How cute is that? If only it was that easy:)

There it is. The wisdomous words of my favorite mom. (Guess what, wisdomous is not a word. It should be. I hereby decree it thusly, whilst using it authoritatively).

And for her prize, she now gets an entire blog post, all to herself. Tell me, Mom, what would you like me to write about. Anything under the sun, it is all yours!

Congrats! And thank you, to everyone for commenting, it makes this blogging so much more rewarding.


9 thoughts on “M

  1. You’re kidding me? 999th? REALLY? I want a recount. I guess I’m 999th and now probably 101st. Just my luck. Good thing you bought us lunch;-)

    • Yes, of that I have no doubt. However, do you really want to snake this victory from Kaye? KAYE? Come on, who could possibly deserve it more….

  2. WOW! I can hardly believe that I am the 1000th commenter!!!!! I am honored. I will have to give some thought as to what I would like you to blog about:)
    Thank you! Very cool.

  3. Just out of curiosity, when you wrote the birthday week contest blog, do you remember what the comment count was?

    • Well, when I did it, I thought it was about 900…but I was looking at the wrong thing and it was really only about 800, so that’s why it took so long (or not…) but I didn’t imagine it would take this long.

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