A Beautiful Day

Last week I was driving from one job to another. The Interstate was under construction (naturally) but I didn’t know it, so I got on and was immediately stopped.

I sat, in sweltering heat, in my car for 25 minutes to go about 3 miles. While I was sitting there, I couldn’t help but notice how untamed, wild, and…beautiful the median was.



Yes, I took a picture of the side of the Interstate. Deal with it. And yes, I felt stupid doing it. What is remarkable to me, is that while I was sitting in gridlocked traffic, NOT MOVING, there was not a single car headed the other way. It was just at the beginning of rush hour, but it’s the Interstate. When is there no traffic?

Later that night, as I drove home, via the surface streets, avoiding the road construction, I saw the most amazing clouds in the sky, lit up by the sunset.

It was so pretty I pulled over to take a picture and then sat there for a minute, breathing in the warm, fresh air, the smells of summertime. It was the nicest part of my day.

Only about 8 minutes later, as I was just a few blocks from home, the sun was nearly sunk, and I captured this:


The very last minutes of the sunset. I grabbed that one out my sunroof while driving.

As I pulled into my garage, it occurred to me that those three pictures show that it was actually a very good day, despite the annoyances of work, the debating over this and that, and the extra time stuck in traffic. It was a beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad you can still find the beauty in those small, every day occurrences. It will always help on the not so good days:) Love you.

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