Lunch Dates

Last Monday, I got a call from Kelly, asking if I wanted to go out to lunch. She’s on summer vacation, and my students on are break, so it is more lax here at work. I had some time in my schedule, so I said yes.

We made a plan for time and place.

A few minutes later, my phone rang again and it was my mom, she wanted to know if I was free for lunch.

What are the odds?

I said yes, again, and told her to join Kelly, the kids, and me. Arionna was with her, so it would be a large and chaotic lunch.

While eating, I gave Arionna my camera phone and she took exactly one picture:


A backlit Kelly. Not bad for a two-year-old.

Of course, then Christian wanted to try it out. I gave it to him and he took about 10 of this picture.


Clearly, Kel is enjoying herself. She wasn’t smiling in a single picture he took of her, which kind of made me laugh.

Then, I took the phone back and asked the kids for pictures.





And, because they were there, the two of them. (Such a CUTE pic!)


And, of course, I wanted Arionna.


Yeah…that’s the one related to me. Obviously.

But it was a fun lunch. For which I got in trouble because while I was lunching with the girls and the kids, I had arranged for my dad to be at my house to meet the plumber. When he got home, my mom mentioned we were at lunch and he said, “Oh, so she’s got time to lunch but not to wait for her own plumber?”

Which is a fair point, and I even said to Kelly that I felt bad about it, but I only had an hour for lunch. The plumber gave a two hour window and THEN I still had to wait for them to do the work (which took an hour, I hear). So, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. But, this just goes to prove that my dad is the best. The very best.


6 thoughts on “Lunch Dates

  1. I totally would have smiled in the one I actually knew someone was taking if I’d have known it would have been posted. Who wadda thunk?

    • Well, look at you, commenting from vacation. Shouldn’t you be eating mashed potatoes?

      And, for the record, all photos and video are fair game, I figured you knew that. Your husband is still learning…

      • Just because I’m on the other side of the country doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with LivLife. Good grief. What kind of friend do you think I am? Plus, I can eat mashed potatoes and type, didn’t you know that?

      • Um, this is the FIRST EVER vacation you have kept up with blogging, etc. And, for the record, NO, you cannot eat mashed potatoes and type. You just think you can.

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