It is life, I think, to watch the water.

A few months ago, I started noticing that I drink too much crap. Pop being at the top of that list. I bought 3 12-packs that were on sale and brought one to work. It was gone in a week. 40 hours of working and I drank 144 ounces of Mr. Pibb. That’s outrageous and unnecessary.

For me, that was the point. Gone are the sugary drinks, pop, SoBe water, Vitamin water, etc. Just water.

I know, for me, I drink more quickly and frequently from a straw. I had purchased a nice double-walled cup with straw from Home Goods almost a year earlier, for what reason, I don’t remember. I never used it, but I still had it. I dragged that out, filled it with water, and started carrying it with me wherever I went.

In the beginning, it was hard. I had already kicked caffeine, so it wasn’t that, it was the mentality of it. I needed to get my mind in a place where I drank water. I still allowed myself milk with meals, but that was it. Milk and water were the only beverages I drank for the first month or so.

It was surprising how many people didn’t even notice. I did, I noticed immediately. I felt more full, less hungry all the time. I felt less tired (of course, back then, I was only working one job….) I had more energy, more clarity and focus. The thing that I noticed the most was that as soon as I started drinking more water, I craved more water.

I began feeling more thirsty, all the time. Even though I had more than tripled my water intake, I wanted more all the time. And it was specifically water I wanted, not just something to drink.

As time has passed, I’ve loosened my restrictions, having a pop every so often, buying juice occasionally, to have something to drink, and of course, I still drink beer. But water is my main staple. I’m now down to milk only with dinner. And when I’m out of milk (like I am right now) it only bugs me a little, because I’m fine drinking water with my meal.

This is a huge change for me. It saves me a lot of money, and since I use refillable containers, I have less of an footprint in the environment, and it is healthier.

Of late, the weather has been hot and steamy. Obviously, my water intake has gone up. I decided to track it this weekend, just to see how much I was drinking. Granted, I did work my 3rd job, which is a lot of  physical work, so that may have upped it a bit.

Friday: drank 2 20oz in the morning. Drank 3 20 oz in the evening. Total: 100 ounces.

Saturday: drank 1 20 oz before work. Drank 6 20 oz at work. Drank 4 20 oz in the evening. Total: 220 ounces (that is almost TWO GALLONS of water)

Sunday: drank 3 20 oz before swimming. Drank 1 20 oz at the pool. Treated myself to a Dr. Pepper after dinner, because my mom brought it for me. Drank 5 20 oz in the evening. Woke up in the middle of the night and pounded 20 more ounces. Total: 200 ounces

Weekend total?  520 ounces

That is over four gallons of water I drank in one weekend. (granted, I think I sweated out at least two gallons on Saturday). That’s great, naturally, but it makes me crave it even more. When I started writing this at noon, I was on my fourth 20 ouncer. Just in the morning. That’s with nine hours of work left to go.

In retrospect, this seems like a weird post, but I’ve been noticing this trend toward more and more water and I decided it would be fun. I’ll pick a weekend where I’m not working and maybe it isn’t quite so hot and see how that shakes out.

But, it was fun to watch my water for a weekend.

*Title quote by Nicholas Sparks


4 thoughts on “It is life, I think, to watch the water.

  1. I only drink water and milk when I’m pregnant. I would drink several gallons every single day day after day for months. I craved it and constantly wanted more and more. I totally know what you’re talking about!

    • For just one second, I thought you were implying I was pregnant. I’m not. But, yes, it is a craving that grows the more you feed it.

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