You know that nagging feeling like you’re forgetting something?

I hate that feeling, mostly because it is an exercise in frustration and it has never led me astray. If I get the feeling, I’ve definitely forgotten something.

However, unless I remember immediately, it usually doesn’t come to me and I spend the day with that feeling until it eventually fades away.

Today was an exception. I was getting ready for work this morning and going through my “leave the house” mental checklist.

I got that feeling.

I stopped, went through the list again and came up empty. I assured myself that it was because of lunch. Last Thursday I went out to lunch with coworkers so I didn’t eat the lunch I brought. I don’t eat on Fridays, so my lunch sat there all weekend. I knew that and didn’t pack a lunch this morning.

Leaving without a lunch feels odd and I tried to convince myself that was why I had the feeling. As the sensation wouldn’t go away, I’m guessing I was unable to convince myself.

All day long.

What did I forget?

Then, about 5:30 pm, leaving work for the day, headed to the second job, I had an epiphany. Windows rolled down, arm on the windowsill, fresh air blowing through the car…

I forgot to put on deodorant.

Gross. But at least the nagging sensation is gone.

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