I don’t do this often, but there are three things just bugging me and all have come up this morning.

1. Advertisements before videos.

This is awful. As if there are not enough ads on the internet? Okay, truly I can understand it if you’re downloading or watching free content. Like on Hulu or other television sites. That doesn’t bother me. But if you are reading a news story and then there is an accompanying video that the news organization put out and you click it to watch the feature and-BAM- a 15-30 second advertisement. That pisses me off. I always, always exit out. I will not watch a video in those circumstances. Which means I might miss something interesting, but it is my small rebellion.

I also have issues with YouTube these days because they have so many ads. Any decent content has ads in front of it. The only ad free YouTube videos are homemade videos. I have less of an issue with this; because of the reasons people use YouTube for, but I still think only certain videos, or sponsored videos, should be allowed to have ads. Otherwise, it should be ad free.

Say what you will about Wikipedia, but that site is 100% ad-free and always has been.

2. Gluten-free

I understand that gluten-free is an intolerance to wheat gluten. I get it. I understand that certain people can have this intolerance or even an allergy. Like lactose intolerance. What I don’t understand is how SO MANY can have it. A few years ago, you never heard about anyone being gluten-free. Restaurants did not have gluten free options. There were not gluten-free recipes and cookbooks everywhere you look. I’m sure some people had this intolerance, but these days, it is practically trendy. It seems like if you have the smallest ailment that they can’t diagnose, doctors suggest a gluten free regimen, like that will solve everything.

Except, with all these people, unless they are about three years old or younger, wouldn’t they have been gluten intolerant previously? I know allergies can develop at any age, but are you really trying to sell me on the idea that millions of people suddenly and irrationally developed an intolerance for wheat gluten in the past few years?

If that is true then maybe we ought to be investigating THAT. I simply don’t understand this. Just this morning, a woman I work with was saying she had a stomach ache that lasted two days. She went to the doctor and he found nothing wrong with her. (Um, virus anyone?) So he suggested she try going gluten free and now she is miraculously cured.

It’s just lunacy to believe that this is the cure all. I seem to remember there being a similar craze with MSG in the late 90s to early 2000s. Perhaps every few years we seize some new idea and doctors hop on board and start assigning it to every ache and pain.

I don’t buy it. And it bugs me.

3. Passwords

I fully understand and agree with the need for passwords. What bugs me is this: that there are requirements to creating one and that you are forced to change it. Why on earth should Google care that my password is 1234? (It isn’t, but if I wanted it to be, what the hell business is it of theirs?) It bears no relevance. If my information is stolen, that is my fault. Not Google’s. I think we can agree on that. Requiring that my password contain one uppercase, one lowercase, a special character (!@#$%^&, etc.) and a number, and must be a minimum of 8 characters; that is just ridiculous. I keep a password file, I have more than 100 things for which a password is required. I am the one that must keep them all straight (thus, the PW file) so if I want to make it easy and give myself the same password 1234, that is my right. Isn’t it?

It should be, but it is not.

Then, of course, we have the regular requirements to change a password. At the office it is every three months. Four passwords a year. And you can’t repeat for at least six changes. That means I need, at minimum, six passwords for my office computer and the ability to remember which one I am currently using. So, of those 100 items I have passwords for, this is one. Office computer. And for that one item, I have a minimum of six passwords. For some offices it is more.

I have two different offices and therefore, two different username/PW combos. That one also requires a change every three months. To make my life easier, when I changed one, I changed the other, to put them on the same 3 month cycle. And while the usernames are different, I do use the same PW, for simplicity’s sake. However, office 2 requires that you not repeat for two years. So, that means 8 passwords. Now I have to up the list to keep the cycle going.

This is ridiculous. It should not be this hard. There are so many legitimate things I need to expend my brain power on, figuring out passwords, trying to find something I will remember, trying to keep them straight, and match them to the correct username. It is beyond frustrating.

Leave me alone. I’m an adult and I manage my life outside the internet just fine. I think the internet should take a giant chill pill and leave me alone.


Okay, ranting is now at an end. But, truly, each one of these cropped up this morning, in rapid succession. It was too much for my poor beleaguered brain to handle.

By the way, the password to my WordPress account is 1234.


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