Conway Picnic

This one goes back to July, which is actually not too bad for me.

My sister and I made a decision to see more of our extended family. We see my mother’s family only at Christmas. So we decided to have a summer picnic this year. It was fun to see everyone in the daylight.

Unfortunately, it was blisteringly hot at the picnic, so everyone was a bit listless. Well, not the kids, they played like little maniacs, the whole time.

Most of the rest of this will be photos….

Best shot of these three. Why, oh why, will they not take a good picture with Grandma ? It’s bizarre.

However, they are the best of friends. Walking to the playground:

Does it get any sweeter?

Answer? Yes, it does. Ten minutes later, coming back from the playground:

Running down the hill, once again holding hands.


Just a random sweet moment with my niece.

The kids. Just digging in the dirt and playing happily together.


Candid shot of the adults, just hanging at the pavilion.

Conway men. (L-R) Uncle Dave, Uncle Bri, Jake, and Tommy. They were also our cooks for the afternoon.

After we ate, a spontaneous game of baseball cropped up.

Pretty sure that was a home run for Tommy.

A motley crew.

Arionna’s first at-bat of her life.

She hit it. And looks thrilled.


This just made me laugh. Em was talking to someone, just holding this basket ball and I turned and saw her. I thought, in a few months, she’s going to look just like that!

At this point, Arionna was in dire need of a nap and wanted nothing more than to sit on a lap and cuddle. She chose me and wanted to play with my camera. I let her and these next shots are hers:

What I like best about this one is Chad in the background. Even far away, he knows exactly what his daughter is up to and is dutifully smiling for the camera.

Somehow, she managed this incredibly cute shot of my parents.

She got Aunt Carole.

And, even though it is blurry, this cracks me up to no end. He looks so scary!

I finally wrestled the camera away from her and got this.

That is my mom and her two brothers. It’s such a nice photo. They actually have another brother, Pat, who was estranged from the family and recently passed away. It’s too bad for him. He missed out on a very nice family.

And, in keeping with my plan to take more group photos, I wouldn’t let anyone leave until I had this.

Isn’t that lovely? It’s hard to get that many people to be looking and smiling at the same time. And the beautiful weather made this turn out perfect.

I was prompted to finally sit down and write this because about 15 minutes ago I got an email from my sister entitled “Never too early” and asking me if I think January 5th would work for Conway Christmas.

Made me laugh. She’s right, it’s never to early to plan to be with family.

2 thoughts on “Conway Picnic

  1. I wish we could get together more often too!! Also, love the coca cola huggie in the pic with chad in the background….thanks to whoever is representing 😉

    • That would be my mother. Ever since you brought those up for Xmas, she uses them exclusively….loves those things. And it would be so great if we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country.

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