School Days

My nephew started kindergarten this fall.

Such a big step. I’m now the aunt of a school aged child (see how I made that all about me? It’s a gift, I tell you.)

I saw him this last weekend. I was so excited to hear all about school.

I got a couple random stories. I asked some questions. Some he answered. Then I asked him, “what is your favorite thing about school?”

Silence from the back seat.

I waited.

Then I nudged him, “hey, buddy, tell me what you like best about school.”

A beat.

Then, “auntie Livia, can we not talk about school anymore? I’m tired of it.”

Well, okay then. I know kids get bombarded with adults asking about school, especially this time of year. And I guess I did get my share.

He’s funny.

Later that same night, I brought him (and my mom) back to my house for dinner. That I cooked.

As we walked in, he bounded up the stairs and as he reached the top, he looked around and said, “Auntie Livi, it is good to be back at your house again.”

Both funny and sweet. That’s my nephew.


That’s his very first day. On the bus. Look at that cheesy/nervous/excited smile. Such a big day.

Then, at school, standing by his locker.


(And, Victoria, I asked him, he really does have his own locker where he stores his backpack and stuff he uses at school.)

Finally, on the second day of school, his mother convinced him to take an “official” first day of school photo.


And I love, love, love that picture because it so perfectly encapsulates his quirky personality.

He’s becoming such a big boy, and I’m so proud of him!


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