Therein to be content

When my sister was pregnant with Arionna, my absolute favorite moment of her pregnancy was when she invited me to be present for her ultrasound. I’d never seen one before and to me, it was a magical moment where I got to see my niece before she even made her way into this world. I’d always thought it was so generous of Emily and Chad to invite me along. It was their only ultrasound and their first ultrasound and a moment they were willing to share with me. I was honored.

When I told Kelly this story, she invited me to share in her ultrasound, for baby #3. Mark and Kelly have decided not to find out the gender, and she had an ultrasound scheduled. She was bringing the kids so Victoria and Christian could see their new little sibling before he/she makes their way to this world. She agreed to let me come along. It wasn’t easy, I had to arrange things with two different jobs, but it was worth the effort. To me, being able to see inside, to hear a tiny heartbeat, to see the baby move it is a beautiful and sweet and gentle and tender moment that never goes away. (Perhaps not when you’re six or when you’re four, but for sure when you’re thirty-three). I thought it was incredibly generous of Kelly to allow me to come. She took that moment that could have been a precious memory for her and her children and expanded it to make room for me.

Here’s a live shot of it happening. The tech is Kelly’s good friend, Molly, which is extra cool.


This was the 3rd shot in response to “show me how happy you are about the new baby!”. But still, so cute.

Last but not least, the money shot.

Here’s the little tweety, I call Allyken, waving hi to the world. That slays me. Ultrasounds are truly incredible.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the effects have lingered beyond into the next day.

There are few things as miraculous as a new baby. Except maybe an old friendship. Thanks, Kel.


*Title is an excerpt from the following quote

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~Helen Keller

2 thoughts on “Therein to be content

  1. I had all my favorite people right there in one room. (Except Mark of course:-)
    Thank you for making time to go to it with us!

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