Will it be PINK or BLUE?

Emily and Chad decided to find out the gender of Baby Lentil Bean. The ultrasound was yesterday.

Here’s the money shot:


Yes, believe it or not, that shows the gender. I KNOW the gender and I still can’t tell what it is. Clearly, I’m no ultrasound tech.

But, they did write the magic word on a piece of paper for Arionna to open.


Yes, that’s right…..


It’s a little boy blue!

Come the beginning of February, I’ll have another nephew to cuddle. Emily and Chad are over the moon, it’s awesome to have one of each.

Here’s another shot of the little guy.


You can see his arm up over his head and his mouth is open. I think he’s actually saying hi to his favorite Auntie Livi!

Congrats to the family. Arionna still needs to adjust, but we’ll get her on board. No matter how many times we tell her, she still insists it’s a sister. She’s in for a rude awakening when this little guy comes out.

Can’t wait to meet you, little boy!


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