Here’s something that I’m struggling with.

Today was a big day for me. A momentous occasion, to be sure. I quit what I have reasonably been referring to as my “dream job”. That’s a big deal.

I sent out a formal resignation letter. Only person on the list of people who received it were aware it was happening. And there was minimal to no response.

At all.

No, “What?!?” “You’re quitting?!?” “What happened?”

No response.

Just radio silence.

It’s disconcerting. It makes me wonder if I made an impact. Perhaps this was a sigh of relief for the parties involved, but, even so, doesn’t it warrant a response of any kind? Even, “thank God you quit”. Which would be mean, but at least it would acknowledge that something changed.

It’s been bugging me all day. More than eight hours have passed since I sent the resignation. I believed I would hear something, from someone, at some point.

I did not.

So I learned something. Impact is very personal. That is something I’ve always struggled with. Because it feels like a big deal to ME, I have an expectation that others will treat it as a big deal. That is not always the case.

Evidently I can deliver earth shattering (to me) news and it doesn’t even ripple the sails of the other boats in the pond.

Lesson learned.


6 thoughts on “Impact

  1. Thanks for making me smile out loud Kaye. You are so right. They made a big mistake by not treating her better. It’s very sad on their part. I might not even return their books. Ok, I’m not THAT kind of person. I will return them on time, but I’m going to shove them in the slot.

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