Snapshot of my Brain

There is a blog I read and she always makes these strange diagrams that are supposed to be humorous. Today, however, I thought it was.

And was inspired to create my own.

It’s a pie chart of exactly how I’m using my brain at this very moment in time.

I stopped what I was doing and wrote down everything I was thinking about. That list looked like this:


CK’s new movie

not having my favorites on my computer to get to CK’s website

2-2 is a two sided to another two sided

what does he say there? I cannot understand that part

who do the Fratellis sound like?

Why do I like this song?

WHAT does he say there?

Man, I’m hungry



I can’t wait to eat my tuna salad

And to have burrito casserole for dinner

with Lane!

while we watch SPN

Dean Winchester!

And Sam

And I hope she doesn’t ask me about the new season

But boy do I want to tell her

I hope she likes the enchilada casserole as much as I do

and I should give her my tuna salad recipe

I think she likes tuna salad


And then I categorized everything I was thinking. (That was a 60 second period, btw).

And, at that exact moment, my brain looked something like this:


Just so you know. Because I know you all care about the ramblings of my brain. Happy Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Snapshot of my Brain

    • Funny! It’s enchilada. But I WAS thinking about lunch, which was a burrito and tuna pasta (which sound very gross together, but are delicious). So I must have gotten confused. And I even proofread that. Weird.

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