Feeling Foolish

When I first started my job, there was (and still is) a water cooler in the break room. I use it to fill up my water bottles and my cups. I like that it is cold, filtered water. Also in the break room is a vast array of coffee crap. Like pots of coffee, at least 10 flavored creamers, cups, lids, stir sticks, etc. Then there is the tea section. Tons and tons of different tea flavors. Then in the corner is a tiny basket holding a few packets of powdered hot chocolate.

I like hot chocolate. In fact, it is the only hot beverage I enjoy.

The first winter I worked here, in 2010, I wanted a nice warm cup of hot chocolate one day. So I got a cup, put my packet in and went to the water cooler. I hit the button for hot water. Nothing happened. I hit the other button (there happen to be two) and….nothing happened. The display on the machine is all wonky, so I assumed it was out of order. Cold worked, but that’s it.

For all this time, I’ve periodically checked the machine, never has the hot water worked. The display stayed wonky, I assumed it was just broken and they didn’t want to pay to fix it. So, if I wanted hot chocolate, I put cold water in the cup, warmed it in the microwave and had my hot chocolate. Annoying, but not prohibitively, which is why I assumed it didn’t get fixed. Ways around it.

Then, tonight, I felt the urge for hot chocolate. I grabbed a cup; it’s been a while, so I checked the hot water buttons just in case. No luck.

Suddenly, out of the blue, I stopped what I was doing and really looked at the machine. 

In fact, I drew a diagram in paint for your pleasure.


Fascinating, right?

But look.

Look at the machine. For the very first time, my brain wondered, “why are there TWO hot buttons and only one cold?”

And, I pressed them. Simultaneously.

And the hot water flowed. (That’s the hot water flowing in my awesome picture).

I stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the hot water in my cup. How was it possible that I never thought of that before? In TWO YEARS!

As Bobby would say, I’m an idjit. And, as I would say, I’m feeling foolish. So I decided to share it with all of you.

But the hot chocolate was satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Foolish

  1. The water is sooo hot there’s always a special way to make it work. Can you imagine if it came out as easy as the cold and scalded lil’ hands. Yikes! Our you pull the lever up (just like the cold) then push it in. Very tricky.

    • Well, A. how is someone supposed to know that? Shouldn’t there be a sign or something? and B. there are no little hands, it’s in the faculty break room. But still…

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