Halloween 2012

My evening was just delightful. I left work and went straight to my sister’s house. They were supposed to be gone, at her in-laws, and I would meet them there. When I arrived, the house was dark, so I sat in my car, waiting for them. People were staring at the creepy woman in a wig, watching trick-or-treaters. Turns out, Arionna had a melt-down and they never left the house, so Chad’s parents came over to their house. They were home the whole time and I was just sitting in my car.

My sister brought Arionna outside and saw me in my car. She told me that Arionna wouldn’t get her costume on. What is up with that bee costume? We went to one house and Arionna wanted to be held and she had her head buried in Emily’s neck. I finally took her from Em and talked to her. I managed to get her to agree to put the rest of her costume on. We went back to their house and I got her fully dressed.


There she is, my little bumblebee.

She wasn’t all about smiling for the camera, but it’s still leaps ahead of where we were with Simon.


That’s our Halloween picture, the best of the lot. For those wondering, I was black and blue….a bruise!


With her witchy grandma. She told my mom she had to be a witch for Halloween, so my mom accommodated.


That is the only shot I got of her whole costume, including the little stinger on her butt.


An actual trick-or-treating shot. She would not speak to anyone. She would silently stare at everyone and just hold up her bucket. Then, the second we were away from the house, she’d chatter like a magpie.

At one point, Emily ran home to get gloves for Arionna. It wasn’t too cold outside, but she’s been sick and Em was making sure. When we all stopped in the street for her to put the gloves on, I noticed something cool and made everyone pause for a photo.

From L-R: Chad (the super skinny shadow WAY left), my Mom, Arionna, Emily, Me, and Kathy (Chad’s mom).

Nice, spooky, Halloween shadow photo.

A lovely family portrait from their front porch, in front of their pumpkins.

Once we got inside, little Bee wanted that candy.


“I got candy!”

Just kept digging into that pumpkin. Pulling out candy after candy, stopping to eat random pieces.

Then I said I wanted one picture of her smiling in her costume.


She refused to even look at the camera. Sweetheart.

Later, I changed her into her jammies and she and I had a tea party in the living room. Then, she was getting silly and tried on Grandma’s witch hat.


And suddenly she’s smiling. Kids.


It was a super fun Halloween and a beautiful night for trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween, 2012!


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