Love List

In light of it being Kelly’s birthday, here are some things (other than her) that I love.


How the US really lives.


If CK were a DEMON

pronunciation | ma-mE-la-pin-ya-ta-pI

The word of the day

Because it made me laugh. And it is oh, so true!


Because Elena voted awesome. I was torn between “awesome” and “creepy”.

I would like this chair in my basement.

I would like this man in my basement. Bed. Whatever.

The internet can be a generous and giving friend or a jealous, fickle mistress. Today, we’re friends.



3 thoughts on “Love List

    • Cyber strangle? That’s funny. Christian Kane, aside from being my #1 obsession is an actor (currently starring on TNT’s Leverage) and a country music singer. His album, The House Rules, is on iTunes if you’re curious, or like country/rock. Plus, he’s insanely hot. I’ve been crushing on him for a decade and he gets mentioned a LOT on my blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • Also, I got so excited to talk about Christian Kane I never even read the rest of this comment! Yes, it is a fabu chair. It would look amazing in my basement. Perhaps one day…

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