Sail Away and Ride a Cowboy

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Last night, I took Kelly out to dinner for her birthday. She chose an Italian restaurant in the Mall of America. Tenucci’s or something. The restaurant was mediocre at best. The goat cheese and kalamata pizza was very good, and Kel reports the lasagna was good, but that’s about it.

However, that is not the point. The point was dinner with a good friend, presents and shopping.

Let’s start with presents. My mom started, in the spring, knitting a scarf for Kelly. Just because she saw some yarn and thought, “Kelly would like this”. She’s very sweet. So she gave Kelly a beautiful handmade scarf for her birthday “to keep her and the baby warm”.


I think Kelly liked it. She was really touched my mom would make her a customized gift. Who wouldn’t be?

After that, I gave her my gift. Which I’ve had for AGES.


(I remembered to turn the flash on) She’s torn between excitement and laughter in this photo.

This is what she’s looking at:


It says “My Two Favorite People, Mommy and Jordan” with a picture of Kelly in her NKOTB gear and Jordan Knight.

I mean, really, it doesn’t get much cuter than babies sporting NKOTB paraphernalia.

After dinner, we hit up DSW. Kelly was disappointed that the clearance room was too picked over. I was in the market for a pair of black, “every day” boots. I struck out. However, I did find brown “every day” boots. And bought them. My feet are very happy right now.

We did a “quick stop” at Bath and Body Works, mostly because they closed in 8 minutes when we walked in the door. Kelly stocked up on her favorite holiday scent, Winter Candy Apple. I stocked up on my favorite all-time scent, Cherry Blossom. They were debuting their new scent, Forever Red. We both liked it, but it’s super expensive. More so than all their other scents. So I bought mini-perfume samples of it for Kelly and me. Win!

Then we headed out.

We got back to my house and Kelly said, “oh, we forgot to ask the waitress to take our picture!”

Remember last’s year’s Kelly-montage? I actually asked her, “do we not take pictures on YOUR birthday, Kel?” Turns out, we might not! But, thankfully, the iPhone reverse camera helps out. But, you do need good lighting for those. What to do when it’s 10:00 pm?


Stand in the mini-van’s headlights, of course!

Happy birthday, and have a fabulous weekend!


4 thoughts on “Sail Away and Ride a Cowboy

    • Yeah, good point. We need to toughen up V and C. Is it really that hard to stay up until 9:30? Jeez, you’d think you were small children or something!

      But, yes, it was fun. I had a great time.

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