I found a game online. Played with your iTunes. As you all know, I’m obsessed with my music and creating playlists; this gave me a new way to play with it.

I love it. I want to do it again. And I will. But for now, this was my first time through. Here’s the rules:

iTunes Shuffle

Put it on random/shuffle and put down the first song to the first question. Then hit next and answer the next question. Some will not make sense, some will be hilarious. No cheating!

  1. What song shows the mood you are in right now? L.A. Song – Christian Kane (am I ever NOT in a CK mood?)
  2. What song describes your usual mood?  Far Away – Nickelback
  3. What song describes your favorite thing to do? The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks
  4. What song describes something you don’t like to do? Real World – Matchbox 20 (true story, I much prefer fantasy to reality, why do you think I like to read so much?)
  5. What song describes your attitude about love? Crazy Love – Marc Cohn and Jackson Browne (cover)
  6. What song would you sing to your soulmate right now? Heart Full of Rain – Collin Raye
  7. What song best represents you? Someone You Used to Know – Collin Raye
  8. What song describes your husband? Beautiful Man – Mason Jennings (Weird!)
  9. What song describes your lover on the side? Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis
  10. What song would be played at your wedding? Revolution – The Beatles
  11. What song would you dance to at your reception? Here, There, and Everywhere – The Beatles (True story! I would totally use this as a first dance song)
  12. What song describes future you? You’re My Better Half – Keith Urban
  13. What song describes past you? Ready to Roll – Blake Shelton (okay, that’s funny)
  14. What song is appropriate for a one night stand? Talk About Me – Toby Keith
  15. What song describes your fashion sense? I’m The Only One – “Puck” (from Glee)
  16. What song describes your first kiss? Head Over Heels – Rascal Flatts
  17. What song describes your taste in the opposite sex? All I Ever Wanted – Faith Hill
  18. What song describes your parents? Have a Little Faith in Me – Joe Cocker (Oh Wow. Could that be any more perfect?)
  19. What song describes your family? That’s What She Gets For Loving Me – Brooks and Dunn
  20. What song describes your friends? Outside Looking In – Steve Carlson
  21. What song describes your public personality? Our Song – Taylor Swift
  22. What song describes your private personality? The Living Years – Mike and the Mechanics (okay, if you do straight up tempo and not lyrics, these last two are dead on)
  23. What song describes how your friends see you? Back on My Feet Again – Tim Mahoney
  24. What song describes how your family sees you? 6th Avenue Heartache – The Wallflowers
  25. What song describes how you were in high school? Love at First Sight – Michael Buble
  26. What song will they play at your funeral? That’s Life – Michael Buble (another perfect answer!)
  27. What is your signature song? Pieces – Rascal Flatts (I had my fingers crossed for anything CK)
  28. What does everyone else think is my signature song? Imma Be – BEP (actually laughing out loud at this one)
  29. What is the best thing about you? Simple Man – Shinedown (Odd, but kind of cool)
  30. What is the story of your life? Fall At Your Feet – James Blunt

No lie, I didn’t cheat once. And I was laughing like a loon while I did it. Some are funny, some are sweet, some just don’t make any sense. I totally want to do it again and see what different songs I get.

I also can’t wait to play it with Kelly and Mark. This seems like a good “kitchen table” game.

Have fun!


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