Paper Organization

A couple years ago, I did my taxes through H&R Block. Why? Because I did. I don’t know. Anyway, they auto subscribe you to their newsletter. I get it monthly. I don’t want it and I’ve never read it. I keep it because they send me coupons in March to get cheaper tax prep.

But, I’ve never, not once, read it. Until today.

And that was by accident. I was trying to click on an email from Kelly and I accidentally clicked on this instead. I was just going to close it, but something caught my eye.

A question in bold at the top. “Which receipts should you toss and which should you hold on to?” Good question.

I scrolled down a little to find the answer. The answer was a link to a blog post they had written.

“Home Reorganization: Documents to keep and documents to pitch”

Honest-to-Santa, I was nearly giddy with happiness. This is one of the biggest ways I struggle in staying organized. Paper. I’ve gone paperless with nearly everything and it still somehow builds up, day after day after day. I never know what I am supposed to keep and for how long, so I just end up letting it pile up in my kitchen and then dumping it in my guest room. I’ve always wondered.

Tax forms=3 years. That one I’d heard. But bank statements, credit card statements, annual summaries, et cetera, who actually knows? My parents keep things, longer than they probably need to and mom is not the best at purging (something else I inherited), and I’ve never had a clear cut answer. Now, I do.

I got so excited when I read the article (which is basically just the photo, reprinted, but I linked it in case any of you want to save or download it) to have definitive answers. It makes me itch to go home and start purging the mountains of paperwork cluttering up my house.

I can’t promise I’m actually going to keep reading these tips, but it’s hard to dispute the fact that this one came in handy.


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